Me, just a 16-year-old a normal girl. I'm living with my older brother Tyrone. I met someone name Louis and I think I'm in love


12. Events...

Tabby's POV

"The dinner was really good today." Mace said smiling. "Tell me about it. I'm stuffed." Avery said. "Do you have more food?" Niall asked eagerly. "No, you ate the rest, remember?" Ty told him. "Aw. Just as I was just gonna save some for Harry. He loves lasagna." He smiles. "Why didn't you say anything before Niall?" I asked him. "I kinda forgot." He says. I shook my head and hoped for the best. "Anyway, how about we watch some reality TV shows?" Avery suggested. "Good idea." We watched some of them and the time passed fast. "Oh, Avery and I really gotta go." Niall pointed out. "Oh, okay. Bye then." I said. "Bye. It was nice meeting you two." Avery said. They left. TY and I continued to watch TV. Then Ty shuts the television off. "Bedtime Tabby. It's 12 midnight." I yawned. "Can I sleep with you?" I mumbled. "Sure." I was extremely tired and too lazy to get my butt off the couch. "Up you go little Tabby." I giggled. Ty always does something like that. "Goodnight Tabby." "Goodnight Ty, I love you." "Love you too Tabby." We then fell asleep.

Louis's POV

I woke up in some kind of strange place. I thought I was at home but I wasn't. I was in prison. Why was I so stupid? I asked myself. I was dressed in those orange uniforms for people who were in jail. "Sir?" I asked a security guard who was by my cell. "What?" "Why am I here?" I asked. "Don't you know?" He rolled his eyes. I groaned. "Louis T?" Another security guard called. "That's me." I said. "We're taking you to the judge." I sighed. "You can make one phone call." He hands me a quarter and led me to the payphone. I put in the coin and dialed Harry's phone number so he can come and get me. Please pick up. I thought desperately. "Hello?" He answered. I sighed in relief. "Harry, it's me, Louis." "Why are you calling from a payphone?" He asked. "How did you know?" "I get so many calls that are from payphones." He said simply. "Oh, okay. Anyway, help me." "For what?" Harry asked. "I'm in so much trouble." "How come?" I explained about Rebekah and Mackenzie giving me a ride home supposedly and I'm in jail. "What the hell is wrong with you?" He screamed at me. "I'm so sorry." I felt like I was going to cry any moment. "Okay, what time is it again?" "Uh, 1 in the morning." I told him. "Oh, sorry, I'll come first thing in the morning." I groaned. "Okay. Bye Harry." "Goodbye." I hanged up. "When am I going to the judge again?" I asked. "Oh, I'm sorry about getting you confused. At 9 o' clock." I went back in my cell, sadly. I slide onto the cold, metallic cot that was never cleaned. It had a horrible smell. I just wanted to cry. Why did I have to trust Mackenzie and Rebekah?

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