Me, just a 16-year-old a normal girl. I'm living with my older brother Tyrone. I met someone name Louis and I think I'm in love


3. Electric through eyes

Tyrone and I ate our foods. I felt like someone was watching me. I didn't know who exactly but I can feel the eyes staring at me. I was looking around frantically. "You okay?" Tyrone asked. "Yeah, just looking around." Then I saw the same person who was at the counter. He wasn't staring at me (I hope he wasn't). H e was watching TV. "Hey sir, uh, do you know where the bathroom is?" I asked. "Yeah, down there and the door to your right." He told me. "Thanks." I thanked him and went to the bathroom. I didn't even need to use it but I had to call Mace. "Hey Mace." I told her. "Hey there girl. What's wrong?" "I feel like someone's staring at me. I don't know who or what." "UH, someone in Wendy's right?" She asked. "How did you know?" "You go there once every 2 weeks." Oh yeah. "Anyway, maybe it's that counter dude." Mace said with impatience. "Why are you even impatient?" " 'Cause I'm watching the new episode that came out." She told me. "It's a good show. It's called Sanjay and Craig." Oh she became totally addicted to that show once it came out. "Okay, have fun then." "Goodbye." She hangs up. She might have a point. Maybe the counter guy is looking at me with some eyes. I went back eating. "Took you long enough. Some janitor was just about to throw your food out." Tyrone says. "Don't even try!" I hissed. "Come on. We're leaving." I looked at the counter guy. He was watching TV. "Wait, I wanna give a tip in." I told Tyrone. He sighed in exasperation. I ran to the counter. "Um, sir, I would really like to give in a tip." I told him. "Okay, how much." "Uh, $3.86." I said. "Okay." I gave the money and our hands slightly touched. I looked nervous. I quickly walked back to Tyrone. "Gave him the tip, huh?" He smirked. "Shut up Tyrone! Don't even speak about it." I warned him. "Oh, okay." He made a quiet snicker. I looked back at the counter guy. He looked at me and when we stared, there was some sparks in our glance in a good way.

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