Me, just a 16-year-old a normal girl. I'm living with my older brother Tyrone. I met someone name Louis and I think I'm in love


7. Chances are ruined...for now

Louis's POV

So us 5 left the house. I had to admit dancing with Tabby was awesome. The only thing was that I gotten jealous when she and DJ danced together. I wanted Tabby to myself. No one can't have her. We got in the car and I stared out the window. Niall decides to drive but we all groaned because he was a terrible driver. Meaning he has many speeding tickets, passing-the-stop-sign tickets and passing-yellow-light tickets. Zayn bribed Niall that if he didn't drive, he can have all of the bacon to himself. Niall smiled and went in the back. A few minutes later, Niall looked at me. "You okay?" He asked. "Yeah, I'm all right." "Since you're staring at the window, I wondered." I decided to call Ethan. I guess I dialed the wrong number because guess what happened? It was Tabby on the other end. "Hey Tabby!" I said all chirpy like. "Who's this?" "Me, Louis." "How the hell did you get my phone number?" She screamed. "I dialed the wrong number." "Oh, okay. So what's up?" "I need to tell you something." "Okay, go ahead." It seemed that she smiled. This was my only chance to tell her how I feel about her. "I like you." "Cool, then we can be friends." "NO Tabby, I mean that I like you more than a friend." She didn't speak for a whole minute. "I'm...very flattered?" She made her statement more like a question. "Tabby, are you?" I asked. "Yes, I am but I'm not interested at this time." My smile turned right side up. "Are you serious Tabby?! I had the nerve to tell you and you tell me'I'm not interested at this time'?" She then raised her voice. "Why are you so concerned?" "Because when I saw you dancing with DJ, I became envious. I wanted to put him in the hospital. I have very special feelings for you Tabby and this is the result I get?!" Tabby gasped. "You became envious?! Since I was dancing with DJ? What kind of bitch are you? Maybe I like DJ more than you Louis. Maybe I want to marry him some day. Maybe I want to date him. I'm nobody's girl! You can't just tell me who I can have or who I can't have. You can't tell me that I'm yours. That's why we make decisions!" "You're such a faggot!" I screamed over the phone. Then I heard crying. It was her. I regret it all of the sudden. "Please, don't-" I was interrupted by Tabby's older brother Tyrone. "Shut the fuck up you little motherfucker! Get off this damn phone!" He yelled over the phone. I didn't get a goodbye from Tyrone or Tabby. I was left on dial tone. "Didn't go well, did it?" Niall asked. "No." I said sadly. "Dude, you can't just call girls faggots. It makes them feel hurt and bad. You need to stop being envious for everything. Remember what happened with your ex-girlfriend?" I just looked at the window, remembering that hideous day...


This is what Marlene looks like.

"Hey Louis!" She squealed with delight." "Hey Marlene." We hugged each other. "Do you mind if I leave early. I need to meet someone. You don't mind, do you?" She asked. "Anything for Marlene." I hugged her tightly. She packed her bag and left. I became suspicious. I decided to check it out. I discreetly followed her to a hotel. I see her going into an elevator. I went in after and got in. I had no idea where she but I was thinking she went on floor number 2. She was there and I got closer. "Andre, thank you." She smiled. She giggled coyly. I busted in. "Aha!" I screamed. "Louis! What are you doing here?" She asked nervously. "I became a little suspicious when you said you had to meet someone. So I went to check on you and you're cheating on me!" I accused. "No! I got applied as assistant manager." "SO why is his hand on your shoulder?" "He was fixing my strap! I can't believe you can't trust me!" I became flabbergasted. The other guy who was here grabbed Marlene and kissed her. They started tongue kissing. Marlene looked at me and hissed, "Get out!'' I got out and saw through the door that they were both naked. I knew what was happening. One of the worst ways to lose your girlfriend.

                                                End of flashback

That exactly happened with Marlene and me. Horrible, isn't?

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