Me, just a 16-year-old a normal girl. I'm living with my older brother Tyrone. I met someone name Louis and I think I'm in love


15. Back at home

Louis' POV

Finally, I'm back home! The prison cell was more like hell. I didn't like it, but the good part was that I had no cell mate, otherwise the cell mate would have been unconscious even before the evening. Anyway, I wanted to call Tabby, I didn't really mean all of those things. I was just mad, I had a lot of special feelings and I didn't think that she understood. I decided to call Niall but it went straight to voicemail. 'Strange.' I thought. Niall NEVER has his phone shut off, period. He actually can't do it. Either it's dead (possible) or shut off completely (zero chance). Instead, I call Zayn. "Hello? Oh hey Louis." "Hey Zayn, have you tried calling Niall?" I asked. "I have but it went straight to voicemail." He said, sounding nervous, why is Zayn sounding nervous. He's a guy who's not nervous for anything. "Probably he's in movie theater, because you know how they are. Phones should be shut off completely." "As of Niall would ever listen." I snorted. "Anyway, I need to call Tabby. I feel really bad of what I said." "Go ahead mate. Oh, by the way, did the medical bill ever came in?" He asked me. Remember how I said how Zayn got injured in the forest? Yeah, he feels all better, except with that on and off cast on his arm. "Yeah, we have to pay $40,000." Zayn didn't answer. Instead, he said goodbye to me and hung up. I called Tabby. "Hello?" She said over the phone. "Tabby, it's me, Louis." "You here to hurt me even more?" She asked angrily. "No Tabny, I called to ask if I can come over, so we can talk." "Why ca t we talk on the phone?" She asked me suspiciously. "So we can be alone." "Okay then, at my apartment ASAP." She said only. "Okay then, see you then?" "Yeah, see you later.. She said and hangs up.

Tabby's POV

Louis called me. He wanted to talk to me for some reason. I hope he didn't say anything mean to me again, if he did, I would have Ty beat him up. Anyway, a few minutes later, the buzzer buzzed. I allowed him to come. "Hey Tabby." Louis said. "Hey." I gave a blank expression. In his hands, he was holding a bouquet full of all flowers that I love. "Tabby, I'm really sorry what I did to the other day." He apologized sadly. I felt really bad. Louis did too. "I went out of control, got into a lot if trouble with Becky and Mackenzie the very next day. I went to prison because they crashed into an abandoned building. In court, the two girls twisted the story and I could t bust them because there was no evidence. I got released today. It's been really troubling for. E for the past 2 days. I just want to control my anger." I came over to him and hugged him. I didn't know he went to prison. "I'm sorry too Louis. Can we forget about this whole thing?" I asked. "Yeah, let's start over again, okay?" "Yeah, we could start over again." I smiled widely.

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