Me, just a 16-year-old a normal girl. I'm living with my older brother Tyrone. I met someone name Louis and I think I'm in love


9. A call

DJ lets go and looked at me. "I just had to do it." "You like me, don't you?" "No." "Then why would you kiss me?" DJ shrugs. That was his all-time motion for not knowing something. "If I went out with you, I might hurt you and your love life." He said sheepishly. "Don't worry about me, I can handle it...somehow." I rubbed me shoulder. "I uh should get going." He says. "Bye then." He left. Ty came outside. "Saw the whole thing Tabby. Don't deny it." "Okay, but does DJ really like me?" I asked Ty. "He does like...a lot so much that he dreams about you." He flutters his eyes like a girl. "Oh DJ, you're so handsome and strong. I wanna kiss you and have-" He says in his girly voice that was suppose to sound like me. "Shut up Ty!" I playfully pushed him. It became a tickle fight. "Ha-ha!" I laughed. Ty tickles on my stomach. "Stop! Please Ty!" I laughed so hard that my face became red. Then we flipped over and I tickle his thigh. "Stop Tabby! It tickles!" We stopped eventually and laughed really loud. "This is so much better than being at school." I said. "I know, right?" Ty says. "Anyway-" I looked up and it looked cloudy. "We have to head back inside before we get-" It starts raining. "Wet." I finished. We went inside and took a shower...together. Sounds weird right? Actually, for us, it isn't. We did this way before our parents died. When we were infants, toddlers, child, and now teens. We didn't do anything inappropriate and stuff like that. Just did the usual. After we took a shower, we headed downstairs. The phone rings and I picked up. "Hello?" I answered. "Tibby?" An Irish voice answered. I laughed immediately. "Niall. It's Tabby." "Oops. Hey Tabby." "Hey Niall. Why are you calling at this time?" "Don't ask Tabby. It actually boring without you. I made you laugh, didn't I?" "Yes you did." It seems that Niall can be immature at some point but when you get to know really well, then he's mature. "You feeling okay?" He asked. "Yeah, I'm fine Niall. I will be soon.'' "Good and Louis wanted to-" "No Niall please!" I begged. "No!" "Okay then. So what food are you eating?" He changed the subject all of the sudden. "We're gonna eat lasagna." I knew Niall grinned over the phone. "Damn I wanna eat lasagna. We have the lamest crap." "Then come over." I invited. "Hooray! I'm coming in an hour." "Why?" "SO I can look my best!" "Okay see you." "Bye." I hanged up. "Niall's coming." "That's a relief." Ty said 

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