The Light, Our Glorious Protector

All Madison has known is this: "Leave the Light, and none will come after you, Leave the Light, You can never come back" So when she gets exiled from the Light, Will the Darkness claim her?


5. Twenty Years On- Norman

Twenty years later and guess what? I'm still the white rat in this never-ending lab test! But at least now I have free time for myself, which is a start! So yeah, I suppose since I didn't tell you much about myself in my last log, I should tell you now, well here goes;

I'm thirty three, six foot four, short bright blonde hair, bright blue eyes, I have a Hyper-active immune system, so I can't be infected by the Darkness and I wish I didn't.

Don't let anyone else know, but the only reason I agreed to do this is because I thought they might be able to cure Madison, but she's been gone for twenty years now, so instead I focused on getting a cure for the Darkness encircling our fair city. I'm allowed outside, but with a bodyguard, mainly due to the fact that people now think that I'M The Light. The founder of our City and the one who supposedly as immune to the Darkness, and had found a cure for it. But it was lost in time, or destroyed.

But today is a day in which I'll never forget. For today, I finally got to leave the City, alone. Most do when they're my age, but I thought it would never happen, but I got to spend seven hours outside, it was just before Night set in, but it was still brilliant, I thought I would never had been able to, but I have. Argh! Lights Out. Forgot about that. Guess I'll sign off for now. See Ya.

Norman Lumen

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