The Light, Our Glorious Protector

All Madison has known is this: "Leave the Light, and none will come after you, Leave the Light, You can never come back" So when she gets exiled from the Light, Will the Darkness claim her?


6. Twenty Years On- Madison

Why does the raven caw such a sighful tune? It has nothing to be sad about, I should know, I heard it's shout. Twenty years, I haven't aged, still the same old me, just with an opened mind, midnight blue hair, black eyes, pale skin, still the same, still the same just-turned teen they sent out there, into the abyss, into the mind opening darkness, why do they call it that? That name hurts their feelings, I should know, I felt the reeling. I'm the representative here, for them, they're glad, I should know, I heard their bands, sounding out their desolate cry, the crows are cawing, I know why, I am the cause, I am the one that knows, I am no longer Madison Katrina Lumen, I cast that name aside to be reborn, to let my darkness flow with the others, I am Kali, Anastasia, Melanie, Carrie. I am everyone, for we have everyone, they did not suffer, they did not weep, they are free now, they are perfect, soon we all will, soon everyone will be, it will be glorious, but the Light is a problem, I should know, I heard them hiss, screech and howl, my not-brother is him, the one who is immune to us, we must end him, before he realises, if it does, we may be too late.

I should know, for I felt the Earth quake.

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