The Light, Our Glorious Protector

All Madison has known is this: "Leave the Light, and none will come after you, Leave the Light, You can never come back" So when she gets exiled from the Light, Will the Darkness claim her?


7. The Story of Light- Norman's View

Hey! Norman again, I figured that since I sorta touched on 'The Light' in my last log, I should tell you the story of him! So, here goes!

Eons ago, the world was in balance, Dark and Light worked in harmony to create life and keep the peace.

But then the scales tipped.

The life they had both painstakingly created, decided to destroy the very world they lived in and 'loved'

It was heart-breaking.

Everyone turned against one another, life had decided to turn away from the Light and instead turn to the Dark to fulfil their unquenchable need for destruction.

It tore them apart.

Light began to grow weaker as many more turned to Dark, with it gaining more power and followers, it lost reason and honour.

Light was slowly fading.

Then He entered the world, a man destined to be the personification of Light, slowly it regained it's power, and struck back against the menace.

But it was not enough.

Even though Light had regained followers, the might of Dark was too much, they had taken over the world, the balance was now irreparably tipped in Dark's favour.

Light was trapped.

But it was not over.

He built a city, to keep the people safe and away from Dark, he taught them how to combat it, so that they could one day fight it, he constructed a wall to keep the pleas of fallen loved ones away from their ears.

He became known as The Light.

The one that could never be extinguished.

But no-one lives forever.

Without their leader, everyone grew scared, who would protect them?

An answer came in the form of Light and Dark.

"There will come a time, where there will be a new Light, one which could never be extinguished, but there will also be a new Dark, one which could never be lit.

Together they will end this feud and restore the balance, but only together will this occur."

Their message sent, they returned to their battle, and the feud continues.

The story is passed down from generation, to generation, but nobody believes it now. They think it's just a story to keep morale high. But I know it's real. It has to be. It must be.





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