The Light, Our Glorious Protector

All Madison has known is this: "Leave the Light, and none will come after you, Leave the Light, You can never come back" So when she gets exiled from the Light, Will the Darkness claim her?


1. The Pariah of Light

Madison Lumen was always different from the others in Light, though it wasn't her fault, her clothes had to be changed every half hour so that the darkness infecting them wouldn't spread to others, she wasn't allowed out and when she was, she had to be placed in a special suit so that she wouldn't contaminate others around her. Simply put, she was the Pariah of Light.

However, something strange was happening to her, everyday she forgot something, at first it was just small things like what the date was or what task she was set, but then the larger things started to disappear, she forgot where she was, where she lived, what her own name was! But, there was always one person she never forgot about. Her Brother; Norm.

Norm was always a special child, he was like Madison, but in a completely different way, he wore new clothes every day, but that was protocol, as his clothes were always pristine white, no stain managed to get on them, not one speck of dirt. He was completely different, yet exactly the same as Madison, yet, he never got the amount of grief she did, and that made him angry.

But one day, Madison was up on a hilltop, the same one she goes to everyday, without fail, when a voice knocks her out of her reverie, "Hey Mad!" she let out a breath she hadn't realised she'd been holding, none of the Lighters were here, it was just Norm. "Hey Norm, what're you doing here? Shouldn't you be hanging around the Lighters, O' Great and Glorious Lightman?" She asked sarcastically, "Uh... Yeah, I should, but I ditched them to spend time with my sis, that a problem O' Horrendously Corrupted Darkfiend?"He joked, but then stopped laughing once he saw the look on Madison's face.

"Hey, Hey, You know I don't mean anything by it Mad, You know I do-ack!" He was cut off by a yank downwards, to Madisons level, "Listen, Lighter, Don't talk to me like that again, or I'll rip your throat out." Madison growled the last part, it was that which made Norm scared, she talked like this to others, never to him. Then he saw her eyes, they were a Dark, Dark Blue, with no White to be found, he inwardly sighed, this was the Darkness talking, not Mad, But that didn't really help matters, he then remembered that Madison had an "Off Switch" which, when pressed, would shock her to unconsciousness.

Reaching around to the nape of her neck, Norm closed his eyes, prayed to The Light and pressed. Hard.

It was over in an instant, Madison was on the ground completely out of it, Norm put her in the recovery position and waited for the troops to show up and take her to a secure holding cell, and him to a decon unit.


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