The Light, Our Glorious Protector

All Madison has known is this: "Leave the Light, and none will come after you, Leave the Light, You can never come back" So when she gets exiled from the Light, Will the Darkness claim her?


3. The "Incident" - Norman's Side

"Being Decontaminated is one word: Painful, it was the most horrific feeling I've ever had in my life, not that I need it, The Darkness had already been destroyed by my "Hyper-Active" White Blood Cells and Immune System, but my numerous medical teams and the Decon section thought I needed it, so I went through with it.

I was always the City's favourite, it was because of my condition that me and my family have the best of everything, jobs, houses, education, food, medical care, anything we wanted was ours, except a cure for my sister, my sister Madison, she had become infected with the darkness from an unknown source, it just appeared on her clothing one time during school, the entire class had to be decontaminated, the entire classroom had to be destroyed, we were allowed to keep one decontaminated item, I chose my photo locket, Madison chose her diary-er journal, she was having trouble remembering things, we thought it was normal, until she was given a pamphlet detailing symptoms of Darkness Infection one of which was weakness and bad memory, both of which she had, so, needless to say, she was Decontaminated several times, each at a higher dose of White Light, then she was strapped to a bed and wheeled out, to do tests.

It was several hours before the doctor came back out, by that time my parents had already arrived and had been told the news so far, what the doctor had to say was not good, Madison had Terminal Darkness, it was a serious condition, only seen once, but that was the first case! Over Two Hundred Years ago! From what he told us, there was no cure, but, he might be able to synthesise one from my blood, if not, then one day, when it gets worse, Madison would have to be exiled from Light, to keep the Darkness out For in Light, we are Protected, For in Light, We are Safe."

"But now, the "Incident" as they call it... right it went sort of like this:

Me and Madison had finished school an hour ago, but she ran off when the bell went, probably to get away from the nasty rumours, catcalls and other things, yes I know what's being said! Anyway, so I was running around the City trying to find her, praying to The Light that she was unharmed, when inspiration struck, Her Hill! The one Uncle Mackerel left her, she always went there after a stressful day, so that's where I went, I climbed up it, checking behind me periodically to make sure I wasn't being followed by an entourage, and when I reached the top, saw her there, checking behind me a final time, I walked up to her and spoke in a kind tone "Hey Mad!" she jumped, like I had knocked her out of something, then we talked, it was mainly insults, but thrown around playfully, no harm no foul. then her eyes changed, I can always tell, before anything else happens, her eyes dim, her dark Ocean blue eyes dim to an extremely dark blue, almost black and widen, then her voice changed, she growled and she sounded like an angry cat, it was horrible, the I had another spark of genius, her "Off Switch" so, seeing no other option and knowing she was too far gone to be stopped, I pressed it. she fell into unconsciousness, I put her into the recovery position and waited for the Emergency Decontamination Unit to arrive and take us to be assessed and Decontaminated."


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