The Light, Our Glorious Protector

All Madison has known is this: "Leave the Light, and none will come after you, Leave the Light, You can never come back" So when she gets exiled from the Light, Will the Darkness claim her?


2. The "Incident"- Madison's Side

Needless to say, Madison was not happy, but she kept her emotions in check, no need to have another "Incident" So, as she walked the several corridors down to the "Council's Court of Law and Order" Her mind turned back to the "Incident"

A Few Hours Ago

*Madison was not in the mood to deal with this anymore, ever since the Darkness started to appear, everything went downhill, the Lighters were so focused on keeping her contained and under control, that they never paid any attention to curing her. Only Norman, her brother, treated her like everyone else, it was horrible, she hated it, but she lived with it, maybe, when she was eventually cured, everything would go back to the way it was. Maybe.

She didn't notice Norm coming up Her Hill. When her uncle died, he left her this hill, he said in his will it would come in handy. He was right. Madison was so deep in her thoughts, that when she heard someone call her name, she thought it was the lighters, she released her breath, it was only Norm, but then something in her clicked, and opened, Oh God she thought NO! Not Norm! PLEASE!!!! She inwardly yelled, trying to appease the rising darkness inside her. She couldn't tell Norm, so she joked with him, trying to insult him enough to get him to leave, but Norm was such a great, honest and friendly guy that he thought it was a joke, which it kind of was. Madison thought as the darkness overtook her consciousness.*

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