The story is about a girl. That comes up missing in a fire in her house . She has been threw alot. And the fire started from a crazy man that turnt her oven up on high while she was cooking she didn't know he was in her house but he wanted to kill her in the fire.


2. Daddy Days

My mom had died it was a terrible day at her funeral. My little sister couldn't even go. This tore her apart.  Rosa had been saying crazy things like , '' I will find the man that killed my mom and torture him'' , '' i hate this world' , ''i wish i could go with mom''. So the cop called my godmom ( Jaslyn ) . Jaslyn said of course we could stay with her. so we stayed with Jaslyn for two months. Its been a quick two months. The police told us that they would try to find our dad. They told us yesterday that turns out he had been locked up three years ago for assault , murder , and selling drugs. ''Do we have to be foster children?'' , said Rosa. '' I don't know maybe. We got to keep most of our moms stuff. And my mom even had a will. Witch was pretty cool cause we got $100 each. She offered her house either to my godmom or my dad but since my dad was locked up it's obviously going to my godmom. I think it was pretty nice we got money because we really needed it. My dad had been in jail for two years as a teen . Now he's there for 11 years. When i was little me and my dad were very close. We'd play on the wii. We played outside a lot. I was a little tomboy. But i was popular in school my best friends Ashlyn and Payton always sticked with me even today. They are my day 1's.

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