The story is about a girl. That comes up missing in a fire in her house . She has been threw alot. And the fire started from a crazy man that turnt her oven up on high while she was cooking she didn't know he was in her house but he wanted to kill her in the fire.


1. Bye bye mama

I was walking to school. There was screaming and yelling , a

crowd ran into me. It was like a flash mob. ''Run they're after us'' my friend Ashlyn said . So I ran , as I caught up to Ashlyn I said  '' what's going on''. ''The shooters are after us '' . I couldn't even find my mom and my little sister. Babies were crying. Kids got lost . And adults where screaming. Everybody that lived in my apartments were running from these ignorant men that were carrying guns. I lived in a ghetto neighborhood so something bad happened everyday and the cops can't help everytime. But i think this may have been the worst of them all. There were 10 men shooting and killing people. I was so scared. ''ALEXA!'' i turned back it was my mom. ''MOM'' i yelled back. She was pushing and shoving through people to get to me.  Then BOOM!. It was to late she had been shot. I ran to her crying my eyes out screaming for help. ''MOMMY I LOVE YOU SO MUCH PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME!''. ''DON'T DIE'' . I touched her wound i hugged her so tight. And finally the police came. The ambulance came and the nurses took her body i rode in the ambulance. The police asked me tons of questions. '' Who was with you?'' ''Did you see the guy that shot her?'' . I didn't want to talk i was to sad. I prayed and prayed she would survive. Finally i got up and asked a cop could he take me to my little sister , Rosa's school to pick her up. He said ok. Out of those 10 bad guys they found only four but not the one who shot my mom . There where 6 more victims 2 broke a bone . 1 got a head injury . And unfortunately the rest got shot including my mom. I told my sister about what was happening. '' if mom dies , remember where all we got'' i said . and we always have to stick together we might have to go to foster care. She cried her little eyes out and i hugged her and said '' i love you''. She wiped her snot on my shirt and sniffled '' i love you to''.

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