The Unknown Biersack(ON HOLD)

Isabelle Biersack is a normal 22 year hiding a secret from her world. Her twin brother , Andrew, Is the lead singer of Black Veil Brides. She had been a struggling Artist for years but now that she is dating the Bassist from her brother's band , Ashley Purdy, will she be able to keep that secret from him and the rest of andy's Bandmates or will she and Andy be forced to exposed the truth of their family?


4. What a witch!

Later that night Andy went to the airport to get Juliet. The boys and I stayed at the hotel. "Who wants to go swimming?" Jake asked. 

"Cmon Jake! I just did my make up!" Ashley pulled me upstairs excited. He threw my black bikini at me. I shook my head at him as he changed into his white shorts. I reluctanently took of my shirt and bra and replaced them with the strapless top. I put on the black bottoms and felt two arms around my waist. I kissed Ash's cheek and placed my hands on his. He swayed us back and forth. The boyscame up and started to change too.

"AHHHHH!" I screamed and covered my eyes. Ash picked me up and took me downstairs. I uncovered my eyes and kissed him. He layed us on the couch and his hands explored my body. He pulled away and I ran my hands down his chest. He was so fit! 

"Um guys?" I turned my head to see Andy and a blonde. This must be Juliet. She so looked like a Juliet! 

"Um hi? I'm Belle Steele!" She waved and said hi to Ash. He waved back. He got off me and the boys came down and hugged Juliet. She went upstairs to change and Andy followed. They came back down and Juliet had this really cute zebra striped bikini. We went down stairs and when we got to th pool the first thing Jake does is push the cripple in. 

"JAKE MY FUCKING MY RIBS!"  Andy was pissed! Juliet and I decided to go to the hot tub and talk. 

"So how did you and Andy meet?"

"We knew each when we were sixteen and completely dipised each other! We saw each other at a party and he kinda took me home that night. He also wants a kitten! I hate cats!" My mouth dropped. 

"Well dont you love him enough to compromise?"

"He gets that stupid cat, I will not move in with him! But anyways how did you and Ash meet?" 

"Well we met at this tattoo parlor that I work at, I did his and the boys' 'On leather wings' Tattoos. We exchanged phone numbers and had a couple dates and we've been together ever since 2010!"

"Awwe that's so cute!" Ash got in at this point and so did Andy. Ash put his arm around me and kissed me gently. 

"IT's cold in there and Andy needs a break from CC and Jake."  I nodded at him. I layed my head on his chest. 

About an hour later we were back up in the hotel room. My phone went off.


"Isabelle is that you?"  


"OH my god it is her Chris! I found her!" 

"Mom why are you calling me? And how did you get my number?" 

"Because i miss you and Andy gave it to me,"

"DAMN YOU ANDREW!" He laughed from upstairs, "Mom you kicked me out when I was 16 there is no reason to talk to me!"

"We didn't know what to do!"

"Well my TWIN made it like I never exsisted so, I can't even pursue a career without being known as Biersack's lil sister!" I hung up and went to bed.

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