The Unknown Biersack(ON HOLD)

Isabelle Biersack is a normal 22 year hiding a secret from her world. Her twin brother , Andrew, Is the lead singer of Black Veil Brides. She had been a struggling Artist for years but now that she is dating the Bassist from her brother's band , Ashley Purdy, will she be able to keep that secret from him and the rest of andy's Bandmates or will she and Andy be forced to exposed the truth of their family?


2. Oh brother!

Later that night Ash decided that I should be the opening act for black veil brides. I almost started a huge fight with him about it. I didn't though. So we went backstage to get ready. I put on Black jeans, my converse, and a black strapless top. I staightened my black hair and put on heavy eyeliner, red lipstick, and mascra. Ash put some stitches on my body. "Ash I'm fucking nervous!" 

"You're gonna be okay baby," He kissed my lips and our little peck turned into a heated makeout session until-

"Um Ash!" I heard Andy's deep voice. I pouted. 

"Can't I ever get a minute to see my baby?"

"No! And she has to go on in 5," He smirked at me. I breathed inn deeply and got my mic. Which was chrome, my fave color. I was going to sing with ears to see and eyes to hear (Acoustic), Liar Liar, Collide, and Rebel yell. I was nervous about Rebel yell. 

"Go!" Andy pushed me out on stage and the band started to play With ears to see and Eyes to hear. 

I started singing an after 5 nerve wrecking minutes i finished the first song and the crowd cheered and screamed.

After 20 minutes of being on stage I was finished and very happy because they loved me! Ash picked me up and spun me around. I kissed him roughly and he slammed me against the wall in our dressing room.  "You were amazing!" He said between kisses. I started to breathe heavy as we pulled away and he ran out on stage with his bass. He was so sexy when he played

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