The Unknown Biersack(ON HOLD)

Isabelle Biersack is a normal 22 year hiding a secret from her world. Her twin brother , Andrew, Is the lead singer of Black Veil Brides. She had been a struggling Artist for years but now that she is dating the Bassist from her brother's band , Ashley Purdy, will she be able to keep that secret from him and the rest of andy's Bandmates or will she and Andy be forced to exposed the truth of their family?


3. Lazy boys

I woke up the next morning in the hotel room. On. The. Stairs. Not comfortable at all. I got up and rubbed my tattooed neck. I had the batman symbol there. It was my idea first not Andy's . I walked down the rest of the steps and walked into the living room. I saw Andy on the couch and sat on him. He groaned, "since when did you get so heavy?" I slapped his leg and he snickered. 

"Since when did you get so mean?" 

"Since you did drugs," he smirked.

"Ash does not know Andrew Dennis!" I whisper yelled. 

"I'll tell him for you!" 

"Fuck you!"  I heard foot steps and Jinxx popped his head out. 

"Hey guys!" I got off Andy and waved to him. I walked upstairs to the bedrooms and Ash was asleep on the bed. I crawled over top of him and sat on his lap.

"Ashybear, wake up!" I said kissing his lips. He mumbled something like I am up baby. He sat us up never breaking the kiss. 

"Best way to wake up in the morning," Jake groaned from his bed and threw a pillow at me. I threw it right back. Ash lifted me up and carried me downstairs. He spun us around before setting me on the table. He spread my legs to make room for himself and wrapped his arms around my waist. I pulled him closer to me, "I love you Belle, I really do. I've never really ment that to anybody, but you Belle you are different!"

"Oh Ashley Abrocket Purdy! I love you too!" I laid my head on his chest and sighed happily. 

"Ashley can I talk to Belle?" Andy voice rang throughout the room. Ashley nodded and I walked out into the hallway. Andy put his hands on the wall. "If you hurt Ash i will make sure that you go to jail for your drug doing past! I don't give a shit that you're my sister! Also my girlfriend Juliet is coming on tour with us we're picking her up tonight. You better not upset her Belle!" 

"First off I quit drugs, second I will never hurt Ash, third so what if your little playmate is coming? I will be good and also does mom know where iI'm at?" 

"No mom does not know and if she's coming to our concert in 3 days she won't recognize you at all. Not to be rude but you and I don't look like twins anymore!"

I turned to walk back inside and turned my head to him, "Good I didn't want to look like your sister at all," I opened the door and walked in. 

Later that day the boys were watching tv. I was cleaning. I knew we were having someone stay with us and I wanted to look nice. I plan on becoming bestfriends with my brother's girlfriend. I started to pick up the clothes on the floor and clean up the pizza mess from last night. "You guys are lazy as hell!" 

"Thank you!" CC said. I shook my head as I finished and went to get a shower. I got in and turned the hot water on. I locked the door because me and ash had not had sex yet. I sure as hell wasn't ready to. The hot water ran down my cold body. I washed myself and turned off the water. I go out and grabbed my Thor towel. I will not use a used hotel towel! I wrapped it around me and pulled out the hair dryer. I dried my hair completely and straightened it. I ran some hair gel in the back for some volume. I grabbed my make up bag and put on foundation, heavy eyeliner, blush, and blood red lipstick. I took my snake bites and nose ring out and put in new chrome and black ones. I walked out of the bathroom and went to the bedroom to get dress and saw Ash on the bed putting on his clothes. 

"Hey beautiful!" I locked the door and shifted away from him, "Don't worry babybear I won't try anything!" 

"Promise?" He nodded and i dropped my towel on the bed and changed into black leather jeans, a Batman strapless top, and all my bracelets. I laced up my high tops. Ash was in a black tank, skinny jeans, and black converse. Ready to meet Juliet! 


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