The Unknown Biersack(ON HOLD)

Isabelle Biersack is a normal 22 year hiding a secret from her world. Her twin brother , Andrew, Is the lead singer of Black Veil Brides. She had been a struggling Artist for years but now that she is dating the Bassist from her brother's band , Ashley Purdy, will she be able to keep that secret from him and the rest of andy's Bandmates or will she and Andy be forced to exposed the truth of their family?


5. chapter 5 - Mentally Killing Asking Alexandra

The next morning I woke up to Ash's sweet smile and raspy voice, "Good morning handsome," I said kissing his lips. 

"Good morning Panda!" CC said jumping on me. 


"Yep thats your new nickname!" Ash pushed him off with a thump. I giggled and got out of bed and heard a heavy accent.

"What the hell is wrong with you Andy?" The voice chuckled. I knew that voice! It was god damn Danny Worsnop! I ran downstairs to see my studio buddy! 

"DANNY!" I screamed hugging him from behind. He turned around and hugged me back. 

"Well it's me little buddy Belle! How'd that track of yours turn out love? What was it called? Oh! It was called 'Lost it all' right?" I nodded.

"It turned out beautiful!" 

"Belle you have a recording contract?" Andy asked a bit irratated. 

"No, but she should! This girl sings like an angel!" 

"I know, I've heard!" Ash said coming down the stairs. I blushed.

"Why don't we go get some breakfast and then pack up because we're leaving in about 5 hours?"  Danny suggested. I nodded along with the rest of the boys. 


After breakfast we came back upstairs and started packing. CC threw his dirty boxers in my face and and laughed a little to hard. I put all my dirty clothes in a bag and put them with the boys'. Ash held up my underwear and giggled. I snatched them from him and put them in my suitcase. I walked downstairs and was snatched by Jinxx, "I know about you and Andy," I shook, "You need to tell Ash before he finds out!" 
"Jinxx you wouldn't dare tell him!" 
"Try me!" I gulped. 
"Okay I'll tell him on the bus!" 
"Good!" He let go of me and walked outside. I dragged my bag to the tourbus and threw it in. I walked on the bus and went to mine and Ash's bunk. It had photos of us plastered to the wall. I smiled. I put my clothes in the drawers next to it. Danny came in and threw glitter on me! 
"DANNY WORSNOP!!!" I ran after him and tackled him to the ground, "I AM MENTALLY KILLING YOU RIGHT NOW!" 
"I get used to it!" He laughed. The boys got on the bus and I followed after Ash. We sat down on the couch and started playing xbox. 

"DIE MOTHERFUCKER!" I screamed as I killed Andy. Jinxx looked at me and I pulled Ash into the bunks, shutting the door behind me. "Baby we need to talk,"
"About what?" He said nervously.
"I''m not breaking up with you don't worry! It's about me and Andy. We're kinda twins..." 
"You're fucking with me right? You and Andy twins yeah right!" 
"ANDY!" He came right in. 
"Time to tell Ash!" 
"Are you and Belle twins Andy?" THere was silence for a few moments. 


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