My first love, Kris

It all started in the sm entertainment, where I got a friend named Chanyeol, we got really great friends, and hold the contact.. I auditioned and came through, I started my career in this group called...


1. first day

Hello everyone.. So this is my first fan fic.. So please don't hate.. I hope u enjoy this first chapter (:

First day

Today was the first day that I was going to the SM Entertainment audition. I was so freaked out, it was my first time to sing in front off some strangers, and I was scared that I wasn't good enough.

When i arrived to the SM building, I was nervous.. Really nervous.. My mom and I waited in the waiting room with 100 off others kids in my age, or elder..

Me and my mom found some seeds. I sat besides a guy, who was really tall, and had the cutest eyes, he had dark hair and fair skin. He look like an adult baby.. Wait what? But anyways,. He looked at me, and said " Annyeonghaseyo, jeounen Chanyeol imnidaa!" I look really confused at him because my Korean wasn't that good.. Ya don't judge me, I feel for Korean music, and I really wanted to learn their language.. But anyways! He saw that I went all blank, and said " Ahh, you're not talking Korean.. That's fine, I can talk English to!" He gave me a smile and I just smiled back at him. He asked me what my name was and I said that my name was, Nana and that I was 17 years old, and that it was my first audition.. He said that it was his 2 audition, but he had done well in his first one so he might had a good chance. But as we sad there and talked, I saw a girl that didn't looked Korean.. At all.. She look like a typical danish girl, that just had gone wrong.. She looked nice tho.. She looked at me and gave me a big wide smile, as she looked away, it was her turn to go in there, when she came out she was very happy... she came through.. Lucky. She walked past me and Chanyeol, she gave a smile again.. It made me so nervous, Chanyeol saw it, and said " don't worry, everything is going to turn out great!" I was very happy hearing that.. But as time flew away it was my turn to go.. I was literally so nervous.. I stood up and walked to the audition room. When I first came in there were 3 judges.. I said what my name was, how old I was and where I lived. I started singing and dancing, it all went well, I didn't fail my dance moves and my voice didn't cracked up.. When I was done, they wrote something down, and stood up, they all came to me and said that I was through.. ARGH! OMG! I was so happy and overwhelmed, that I just stood there like an idiot! I ran out straight to my mom and Chanyeol, they both hugged me, and I couldn't be happier.

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