My first love, Kris

It all started in the sm entertainment, where I got a friend named Chanyeol, we got really great friends, and hold the contact.. I auditioned and came through, I started my career in this group called...


2. Finally

It was already a week ago.. I still can't believe that I got through.. I was standing in my room for the last time. It felt so empty. I stood there for a minute, until my mom came in and said that it was time to leave. I took my last stuff and left. Today was the day where I was going to meet my 'group' or the people I'm going to spend my next 4 years with.. Today was the day I've been waiting for, for so long! I was so nervous and exited.. My thoughts were running in my mind! My mom saw my worries and said that I should calm down. Luckily it helped.

It felt like hours.. I took my headphones in and listed to some music. My phone vibrated. It was the boy I met at the audition, Chanyeol. Gosh! I'm so happy I met him! He has been such a sweetheart to me. We have texted and called each other the whole week. He said to me that he also came through! And I'm so happy for him!.. But back to the text.. He wrote: ' Hiiiiii! How are you doing? (: have you got to the studio yet? I hope it all goes well! And I hope

that you aren't too nervous ;) See you soon! Cya'. The message made me smile so wide that my mom looked weirdly at me. I wrote back to him that I was doing well and that we'll be there soon! We wrote in a while, but suddenly I felt asleep.. Typical.

'ITS TIME TO WAKE UP!' I heard someone yell. 'ARGH! Holy..

Don't do that.. I'm getting up' I said in the most annoyed voice I could probably do. We where here.. Wow! It was a huge building, which had a big front door, and a big sign where, there with big letters stood 'SM entertainment'. We went in there.. The inside was full off young people who were trying to find their way to the different studios. My mom went to a woman who was checking all the people in. My mom said that I should take me luggage and take a sheet on the couch. I went over there, and beside me sad an unfamiliar guy.. It was a guy who was tall.. Really tall.. His hair had the most wonderful light brown colour, his eyes were overwhelming .. His style was really cool, like a

gangsta.. But I don't believe he was one.. he was sitting and waiting, just as I did. As I sad there and stared at him, he turned his head at my direction. My heart literally skipped a beat... 'Do you like what you're seeing?.. Hehe.. I saw you watching me.. But yea.. I'm Kris, and you are....?' he said with his hand in front off him.I took my hand into his.. And being just as awkward as I am.. I said '... Umm.. I'm sorry.. I mean I'm Nana.. But I'm sorry for staring at you.. Oh god.' He giggled at me.. And I weakly smiled at him.. Oh god, why am I so awkward!! We sad and talked for a little while, when my mom came back with a number and a guide so I didn't get lost.. I took my stuff and said goodbye to Kris.. I didn't actually wanted to leave him there.. All alone.

I said bye to my mom, and left with the guide. She took me to studio 221 b. We went in there, and there they stood.. My group. A guy a little older than me came over and said:' Hi, I'm Steve! And I'm going to be your trainer for.. The next couple off years .. Here's your new group!' He pointed at a girl and two boys. I looked at them.. When suddenly.. It was her..! The girl who didn't were Korean! I was going to be in the same group as her..

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