Cara, lives with her very secretive father but lives an ordinary life, until she meets the new guy at her school, Harry Styles. He is dark and mysterious, and causes a lot of curiousness by all of the girls. Little did they know, that he is the last person they wanted to get involved with, especially Cara.


1. Prologue

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” 


Hey:) This is just the prologue, so its just an insight on what might happen in the story, I'll post the first proper chapter soon:) - Leah 


My eyes widened as my back hit the wall; realising I had nowhere else to hide. My palms, moist with sweat, shaking in absolute fear. I had never seen my father like this before and it completely terrified me.

‘You saw nothing, right sweetheart?’ My father smirked, sinisterly. He took small steps, slowly decreasing the space between our bodies. I noticed his hand tucked behind his back.

‘W-what’s behind your back?’ I stuttered, ignoring his previous question. My attempt of sounding brave had failed.

‘Oh? This thing?’ He smirked once again whilst pulling a sharp metal knife from behind his back, inspecting it closely. I gasped, terrified of this normal household tool.  ‘Well, this is what I’ll use to make sure that you’re not going to blab on me, but you’re not going to do that, are you sweet cheeks?’

His nicknames sickened me, this is not my father. This is a complete stranger, a criminal. His free hand reached out to tuck a fallen piece of hair behind my ear. I slapped his disgusting hairy arm away from me, luckily before it made contact with my tear ridden face.  

‘I’ll tell the police, you’re doing down for this you sick bastard!’ I spat in his face, but instantly regretting my actions when I noticed him slowly raising the dagger he held in his blood covered hand. His face, dark and uninviting.

‘Well, if you cannot keep my secret, this is goodbye. Have a good time in heaven my darling Cara.’

I began frantically struggling and screaming for quite literally my life. His lethal weapon inching closer and closer to me. The edge of the sharp blade began implanting it’s self into the soft flesh of my chest. But, all sounds were cut short when a blood curdling gunshot echoed throughout the large room, black spots covered my vision, my last memory was when a beautiful yet familiar face hovered above me. If only I knew what was in store for me next, I would have tried to flee right that second. Not away from the beautiful man, but from myself. 

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