Bad boys

A young girl is sent to a strange, privet school were everything is new, weird and a bit alarming. Along the way she gets herself in a bit of a pickle and must learn to trust her newly found friends and.... Herself. Old granny ( her guardian ) used to go to this school and knows a lot of the parents, she introduces them to the young girl called Kira. Eventually the six boys who befriend Kira start to become closer and more like family. However even I don't know we're this tale will go, so let's find out.


1. The strange school.

"Kira! Kira?" Boss do you ever stop calling after me? I need a break. 

" Yeah, yeah I'm coming." As I walked into the room were all the manuscripts are normally piled high to the sky, a little woman with a round face and warm smile approached me. " Kira sweetie I need you to go to Lucius high to drop off this parcel." 
"Huh? I thought we only did manuscripts? Why do we have a parcel?" In confusion I meekly looked at the box that had the address on the top.
" yes well you see there are many people who entrust me with things like this however because I'm now getting older I can't carry them so you will have to do it for me. Please." There they are, the puppy dog eyes that always seem to hook on to my soul and make me feel guilty even though I did nothing wrong.  
"Fine, I'll do it but you owe me!" Picking up the parcel I gave her a cheeky smile as the door clipped shut behind me. 

Half an hour later I walked up to the Huge, gold doors of the school and my mouth  dropped in shock at how expensive it all must cost,with the parcel firmly in my hand a opened the door with my elbow. The marble floor made my foot steps eco around the silenced hallway as every eye turned and starred at me, whispers floated across the room, as I walked down the hall, which seemed to go on forever, a freshman came up and kicked the parcel out of my hands and into mid air. My eyes widened as it came crashing down, my feet moved instantly to were the package was about to hit the ground, I reached my hand out but missed as some tall, mysterious figure caught it before me. 
" Why is this flying towards my head?" The deep tone sent shivers down my spine, 
" It's all her fault." The freshman pointed a finger at me and put on the best 'I'm innocent' look I had ever seen,
" Young lady is this true? Did you purposely fling this thing at my head?" Looking down at me, I could feel his cold eyes freezing my soul,
" Erm... Actually I just came to drop it off...." Looking round I could see everyone thinking the same thing, ' yeah sure you were.' 
" And while walking down the hall I tripped on the rug and the package flow out my hands, I'm sorry for any trouble I caused." I bowed my head in apology then held my hand out for the box, he slowly gave it back but didn't stop looking at me, I took the box and walked past. 
' up the stairs to the top and the first room on the right. ' 

This is one weird school. Upon finding the door I braced my self for the unexpected, the silver door opened with a clip and I was transported to what seemed to be a social group, 
" Wait! Don't move." A sharp voice stopped me in my tracks as I looked down there were loads of candles carefully placed on the floor, taking a deep breath due to the fact that this was just plain strange, I put my foot down,
" No stop, Ashly will help just stay there." The voice was defiantly a boys but I had no idea were it was coming from,
" No it's fine I'll get past my self..." Without another word I started to move gracefully through the maze of candles,
" There see, no harm done." I walked over to a table and place the parcel down then proceeded to ask for someone to sign,
" Er... I've got a package here for... Bad... Boys?" The name was strange, the room was strange but what was mostly strange was the fact that it was six boys flirting with huge numbers of girls... At once!

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