The Fault In Our Stars- Head Cannons


1. Isaac's Cousin

"Isaac! Isaac!" shouted Isaac's little cousins as they ran toward him. His mother guided him across the lawn. Isaac was now used to walking about blind but his mother still worried. He leaned down and hugged the small kids. It was a family barbeque and quite a lot of his family was there. 

"Hey Isaac!" said his mother's sister, his aunt. "It's good to see you."

"Isaac! We bought this really cool swing set from this really nice girl and boy," shouted Adelaide, a 6 year old girl. 

"You did? Is it fun? It sounds very cool," said Isaac. He loved Adelaide and she was his favourite cousin.  He was always nicest to her.

"Yes, yes! The seller was weird because he only had one leg but he was kinda cute! He also had a friend and she had a tube coming from face." Isaac stood shocked. Gus. Hazel. He didn't want to think about Gus today. He wanted to seem happy and not breakdown in front of his family. 

He put on his bravest smile and said, "Well can I come and sit and swing on it with you?" With that comment she smiled and led him over to the swing set.

"I know it was that boy called Gus," whispered Adelaide. Isaac felt for his little cousin's hand and held it tight. "Can we still keep it?" she asked. Isaac laughed and nodded."Forever?" Her eyes widened with excitement. Isaac thought it was weird of her to ask but he laughed and replied with one simple word;


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