His Princess, Without Him

Niall finds his daughter back and with that also a way to save her. That way is giving his life instead of hers.

Now Lauren is alone without her dad but she still has her uncles... Will they forgive her? Will they blame her? What will management or the fans say when they find out that Niall is dead because of a six year old girl?

This is Lauren's life without her daddy.
The boys's lives without their friend.
Directioners's lives without the funny member of the band.
And a family's life with one less member.

How can they stay a family after all of this?


31. You Were The Reason For It To Stop

Niall's P.O.V.

"Niall, wake up!" I turned around and saw Emma laughing at me. A good way to start a new day, an important day. 

"How did you get in?" I asked and sat up. I knew for sure that she left to go home to sleep and stuff. Emma's parents were still not really happy with me. Never were to be honest. 

They thought that me being in the band had a bad influence on Emma and her schoolwork, because she joined me to some premiers, to parties and other stuff that was related to One Direction. It would make her forget about her education, and the fact that I did not finished my school wasn't helping either. 

"I have a key remember, since I still have to discuss the thing with my parents. I will try to do it tomorrow or the day after." she said laughing and kissed my lips. 
"Ready for the big day? Because I surely am, I already have some questions and other things that I'd like to ask them. Maybe you should do that too, so it won't be that awkward when we get there." How can she be this positive, happy and energetic in the morning?! 

"I guess you are right, like you always are," I hugged her and pulled her in a hug. This is a good way to be woken up. 
"But why are you here already? I thought you had to go to work in the morning." She laughed more, standing up and walking to my closet. 

"I switched shifts with Becca so I could help you to not freak out, now I have to work tomorrow but lets not talk about that right now. We have more important things to discuss." I catched the shirt that she threw at me and pulled it over my head. 

"Why the shirt? Don't you like seeing me without one?" I said to tease her and she just rolled her eyes. "I love it, I just don't think you will make a good first impression on those people if you show up without a shirt. As well for the fact that fans will then kill themselves." 

I made breakfast for myself, since Emma ate back home with her family, and then it already was 10 a.m. which ment that John would be here in 4 hours, plenty of time left to do whatever there was left to do, which included making a list of things to talk about and finding a way to control myself when I would lose my shit there. 



"So we have everything, do I look good enough? And what am I? Am I her mother, just your girlfriend?" I laughed when Emma started to freak out around 1.45 P.M. fifteen minutes before John would be here. 

"You look stunning and you are what you want to be, except someone else's, because you are mine. You are her mother, she sees you as her mother remember. You can just say that you are her mother." I pecked her lips and spun her around. 

How could she still doubt her position in Lauren's life? She was/wanted Emma to be her mother from the first moment they met. 


"Do you like her?" "Yes I like her as a friend babe. But you're my number one" I answered her, luckily the guys had left us alone. 

"But do you like like her? Like love her?" I was not expecting that question at all, why would she ask something like that. I couldn't stop smiling, laughing and blushing. 

"Why?" "Because you are really cute together." How could I explain that falling in love is not really easy, and that me and Emma would probably never be together. 
"falling in love isn't going that quick and easy. But you'll understand that later. We have to get to know each other better. 

And I don't know if she'll treat me equal when she knows about the band. It's hard to understand now." I tried to stop myself but my bright smile turned in a small frown realizing that being in the band made me lose having a normal life, where a girl would always like me for just me. 

"I think that she has to love you. I love you to so why wouldn't she?" "You're so adorable. And I love you too."

She then said it, that Emma should be part of our family, that this was what mattered most to her. 

"What are you thinking of Niall? I can see that there is something bothering you." Why was she so good in reading my face expressions? 

"Just of the first time I saw Lauren really happy. When she met you, she asked me if I loved you, and if we would be together and stuff. She wanted you to be her mom, almost more than she wanted me to be her father." Emma shook her head quickly and help my face in her small and soft hands. 

"Lauren loves you Niall! Don't ever doubt that feeling that she has for you because it's stronger than anything else in the entire world." She kissed my lips pasionately, long and I forgot about everything that was on my troubled mind. 

"Niall! Are you here!" We looked up, hearing the sound of the intercom of the building. John had arrived, so it was time for us to meet the people that were now taking care of my world. 



"So have you figured out what you are gonna tell them, or what you are gonna ask?" John asked us when we were in his car on our way to those people.

"We have some things we would like to talkt about with them, but we also want them to give things they would like to talk about of course. It's not only for us, also for them. They agreed for some reason and I would like to know that reason." Emma said for me and I just nodded. I was worried and I just didn't felt like talking before I was supposed to. 

"And you Niall, have you thought of a way to keep your calm?" Damn you John, I don't want to talk to you about it! I don't want to talk, I only want to think of a way to get my baby back! 

"Just count to ten when I feel like I wanna rip their heads off or anything close to that." I said and went back to starring into the distance.

"We are almost there, I know it is really childish to ask but please turn the sound of your phones off. When you are talking the most unprofecional thing that can happen is you getting distracted by your phones. Whatever anyone has to ask or tell you is not more important than getting Lauren back." I sighed, not that I expected a call or anything but I felt like I was a kid again. 

"Sure John, anthing else that we have to know before we meet those people?" I asked and just completely turned my phone off, no way so I could be distracted at all, all my attention was for those people that have my daughter.

"Not really, just let me talk first, and then you can ask whatever you want, also know that these people are really strict, they like things that are done by the rules, they hate immaturity so be aware of that and try to adjust yourself to that okay?"
"Okay, I think we can do that right Niall?" Emma said and held my hand tight, squeezing it lightly to comfort me. 

"Sure we can, lets just go, the longer we wait the bigger the chance that I lose it and kill them." I said with a chuckle and I could almost hear John rolling his eyes, same for Emma but yeah, I kind of expected that to happen. 

"Good, it's just around the corner so we will be there in like a minute." Why was I slowly feeling like I was about to throw up? This was almost worse than big gigs or award shows. the mix of nervousness and anxiety that made my stomach twist. 

"There we go, you can do this Niall." Emma said as we got out of the car, nervous like hell. "Just breath and think of her. We are doing this for her." She tells me and holds my hand close to her body, making sure I was okay, which I was not.


"Oh look! There they are!" John said and pointed to a couple sitting on a bench, holding hands and just chatting. Were they talking of me? Of me taking Lauren back to where she belonged? 

"So remember everything I told you in the car and yesterday on the phone. Keep your calm, be polite to them and just show that you are the perfect parents for Lauren okay." John told us once more before we walked to the couple, me holding Emma close to me and kissing her cheek.
"Carlm down Niall," she whisered in my ear, "there is nothing that cana go wrong if we just remember the things that John told us remember. This is fighing for what belongs to you." I nodded and we were standing infront of those people, ready to rock it.

"Good afternoon Nicolle, George. How are you doing today? Looking lovely as always." He said and shook hands with the so called Nicolle and George before sitting down and signing for us to do the same. 

"So you all you know why we are here so it's useless to just try to pretend that there is nothing really serious about this meeting." John said, not waisting any time. 

"We are here because you both have a special and important in the life of Lauren. Niall and Emma here are the ones who have taken care for her but, in the eyes of social service, were not good enough to be her legal cuardians, and Nicolle and George are desighnated to take care of her since Niall and Emma couldn't do that acording to social service." Nicolle and George nod and I see in their eyes that they want to say something but decided not to. 

"I hope you can understand the pain this caused for Emma and Nial and that they want their daughter back, whatever it takes-"
"But Lauren wouldn't be taken from them if it wasn't for a good reason. They were oviously not good enough to be parents for her and I think it's better to keep her away from them. Her life has been pretty rough and right now she needs a stable situation to life in." I already hate that woman. She only said one thing and I already want to rip her head off, including a lot of blood and pain, but lets not do that, since then I am too violent to be a father. 

"Nicolle calm down please. I know that you don't want to lose her, but neither do Niall and Emma." She rolled her eyes and I heard John's voice in my head again. 

"Know that these people are really strict, they like things that are done by the rules, they hate immaturity so be aware of that and try to adjust yourself to that okay?" 

Like this isn't immature, they didn't even gave me and Emma a chance to explain or tell what we want to say or what we want to accieve in this. 

"Mrs Nicolle, if you don't mind I would like explain the situation from our point of view. I understand that you don't want to give up Lauren but I have been there for her for for the past year. I know that it seems that I am a bad father in the media but they only focus on the bad things that happen." she huffed and Emma grabbed my hand, obviously hoping that I wouldn't lose my temper. 

"So you are saying that there is nothing that is wrong with your situation? I am sorry to tell you if you didn't know this but she got abducted twice because you were too busy doing other things that didn ot involve taking care of Lauren." I couldn't control myself and let out a sight, why did they have to be so stubborn? 

"I know that Mrs. I only want you to know that those things happenen even when I made sure there was someone to watch over her. They promised me that nothing could happen to her. I don't say that I do not take responcibility for that what happened but I don't think it's fair for the whole world to judge me for sometihng they don't even know the smallest part of truth about." I thought I expressed my feelings about this pretty good but in the faces of Nicolle, George and even in John's face, I saw that I crossed the line 

"So you say that whatever happened to her is nothing you chould have prevented." God this woman is just pushing me, trying to find my limits and go just a little beyond them. 

"I do not say that at all Mrs, I say that I there also were times that I woke up in the middle of the night, finding her crying in her sleep and that I was the one that had to comfort her. You can ask her, she will tell you that it's true. She woke me up, wanting nothing else than me to hold her and to rock her to sleep." I looked at the man that now took over my place. He didn't say much and I was wondering what he was thinking. If he had calmed Lauren down like I did. 

"Nicolle calm down." he finally spoke, his voice low and deep. It sounded like Harry's voice.
"I think this guy has a good explaination for whatever happened. Let him talk honey." A I just getting paranoia or did I just hear his voice crack a little? 

"I agree that the first time she was abducted it was my fault, I didn't paid enough attention to her. I just didn't expected Drake to find out she told me about what happened that soon and find where she was. If I had known that he was there I wouldn't even have left my mother's house without a police standing on the corner of the street. You have to believe me with that. I was devestated when I figured out that even tough I promised to watch over her for the rest of her life and that I would never let that guy be near to her again, I was not able to keep my promise to her and it broke me up, slowly. It was killing me that she had to fall asleep without me to watch over her, or to cuddle her to sleep. I did everything I could to find her back and I found her back." Emma held my hand all the time and I couldn't have asked for more, this made me so much more calm than I would be without her. 

I looked at everybody, John who gave me a nod, telling me that I was doing the right thing by showing my vulnerability in this and that I was hurt more than anyone by what happened. The next one I looked at was Nicolle, finally showing some emotion, still not convinced by me but I would do anything to change that by the end of this day. 
Than there was her husband, the guy that was so quiet that you would almost forget that he was there. But something about his expression made me look again, not sure if I saw it corectly. I

What I saw were tears, he wasn't crying but I could clearly see his eyes becoming more glossy with every word I said. Maybe he wasn't the hardest one to win over after all. 

"I don't know if this is too personal to ask you right now but did she ever ask for me? Does she still have nightmares?" I just had to know that she was okay. I had the feeling, from the expression on Nicolle's face, that she wouldn't give her up, that they would fight me in accieving my dream goal. And now that I met them I started to feel like they were people who could take care of her if I really wasn't the one who could do it. 

"She... She does." Nicolle said softly and I saw her hand moving to the hand of her husband. "She asks for you everyday. If you lied when you said that you would get her back, if you loved her and if something happened to you since you did nothing to get in touch with her again." And then something really weird happened. Nicolle started crying, not just silent tears but really cry, almost sobbing in her husband's chest as he rubbed her back softly. 

"She doesn't have nighmares anymore. She did in like the first one or maybe two months, but she didn't dared to say what is was about. We thougth it was something that happened while she was with you but now I realize that you were the one that made those nightmares stop, that's why she always woke up crying out your name. Not because you were the reason for her bad dreams but because you have been the reason for those things to stop. We misjudged you, we totally misjudges you and this situation." She looked at me and Emma again, not letting go of her husband's embrace. 

"But,-" of course there had to be a but. Why can't my life, for once, be like a fairytale? To have my happy ending with my family?! 
"We can't just give her back... She is also part of or family now. She finally has adjust herself to our living situation and our rules. She is a kid and she can't keep going through things like this forever. She has the chance for a steady home, if you really cared about her you wouldn't take that away from her.-" was she serious?!?! Just like twenty seconds ago she was crying about how wrong she had been about me and my qualities as a dad and now I am still not good enough!?! 

"I think it's better if you, in anyway possible, tell her that it's for the best that you and her go your seperated ways. This is what's best for her, and that is not you." I didn't even thought about holding back the anger that had replaced the pitty I felt for this woman. She was saying that I had to tell Lauren that I didn't loved her enough to fight for her. I jumped up, letting go of Emma's hand, which was the stupidist thing to ever do but I didn't care. 

"I think I heard you wrong Mrs. I thought you said that I am not able to-" but before I could finish Emma pushed me down harshly. 

"I am sorry but could you please excuse of for a moment. John could you please come with us. I want to ask you something." How could she be so calm, polite and nice to these people?! They said that we will never be Lauren's parents again if it depended on them. 

"Of course not darling, but not too long tough, we have to go home again, the babysitter was in a hurry so we can't be late. Would be mean for the nice girl after taking good care for Lauren the entire day." Did they fucking did this on purpose?! I felt Emma tensing up and we left with John following us close by. 


"Okay I can't take this any longer! Are those people heartless?!!!" I shouted at both Emma and John, but mostly to myself. I did my best to behave, to show that I cared about Lauren more than I cared about myself but yet, it was not good enough for those demons to show some of that sympathy back. They just used what I said and twisted it into something that would work for them. 

"I don't know Niall, I don't know what is wrong with them but I am proud that you kept your calm. You behaved amazing for the circumstances you are in and I honestly have no clue why Nicolle is acting like this. On the other hand I think that we kind of have George on our side." Do we? He didn't say anything, but de did seem to be agreeing when the situation about me not being able to be a dad was misunderstood by his wife. Would he really be willing to give Lauren up so she could come back to me? 

"I will contact him later today. I think you have had enough for today after Nicolle's outburst. I still am proud that you sucked it up like you did Niall. This shows that do are responsible, same for you Emma. The way you handled this and helped Niall not lose his shit was amazing and I think that when the people from social service see this they will have to concider giving you your custaudy back.



"You did not." "I did Niall. You should know that I am always prepared for everything. Couldn't let this conversation be done without having it recorded. So we will call tomorrow again, enjoy your afternoon, have some fun, you deserve it." And then he left, walking back to Nicolle and George, smirking when he showed his phone to me, the phone that recorded that I kept my cool and that Nicolle, the so called perfect mother for my baby, flipped out and was a nasty bitch! 


This was gonna be fun and good for me, hopefully. 

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