His Princess, Without Him

Niall finds his daughter back and with that also a way to save her. That way is giving his life instead of hers.

Now Lauren is alone without her dad but she still has her uncles... Will they forgive her? Will they blame her? What will management or the fans say when they find out that Niall is dead because of a six year old girl?

This is Lauren's life without her daddy.
The boys's lives without their friend.
Directioners's lives without the funny member of the band.
And a family's life with one less member.

How can they stay a family after all of this?


6. The Night And Day In Hospital


Niall´s P.O.V.

"Lauren?" I looked worried when I saw tears appear on Lauren's face while she slept.

"Baby calm down, daddy is here, you're with me and nothing will ever happen to you again. I love you and will never let you go" I rocked her softly and wiped the tears away, gently and carefully, afraid to wake her up.


"daddy will always be here for you, for the rest of your live. Nobody will take you away from me. One day someone will, the man you love. The one that you love and who loves you. You'll be happy again baby, I'm here" her breathing went stable again and I laid her down, covered her tiny, with bruises covered, shivering body with the thin blanket that was laying next to her.


I smiled and kissed her forehead, but directly regretted it when I felt her body shivering and saw a new tear on her cheek. This was going to be a hard task, winning her trust back, but I had time and I'd use the time she needed to recover her trust in people. But everything was up to her.


The rest of the night was restless, and exhausting. I drank about ten times more caffeine than that's good for a human being but screw my body! I had to stay awake and make sure that Lauren could sleep through the night. 

Every single time I felt her shivering or shaking I cuddled her, kissed her forehead or whispered soft and calming words in her ear. And believe me... that happened a lot last night.


When Emma woke up it was around eight o'clock in the morning she shook her head, obviously seeing the dark circles under my eyes and the bottles cola and the coffee cups next to me on the nightstand.

"You seriously haven't slept Niall? You should have woke me up so you could sleep for a while and I'd watch Lauren" I laughed and kissed her cheek.

"No baby, you were sleeping and you look so cute when you slept that I enjoyed watching you too much. It wasn't that hard. I didn't slept much anyway in the past months" she nodded and stood up "I'm going to give this bed back to the nurses, do you want breakfast?" I nodded, of course I wanted breakfast, and she left, pushing the bed in front of her.


"Mister Horan?" I nodded and shook her doctor's hand when he walked in. "That's me doc! What do you want?" it came out more rudely than I expected and wanted. I guess it's the lack of sleep and the emotions? Does that make sense? Well it all makes sense to me!


"right, we checked all the test results and I don't think that there is any reason that she needs to say here longer. We have a couple of results that we need to give a second eye before we can say for sure that nothing really bad it wrong in her body, except her arm and chest-" I nodded, not exactly knowing what he meant most of the time that he continued talking about diseases that she might had or ways that I'd suspect that something was wrong. But I understood that she could go home today!


"Yes! I mean- thank you sir, I eh- It's good to hear that. Do you need me to wake her up now?" he shook his head "I don't think so sir. We'll go and check all the results once again and after that we need to see how she had acted trough the night. But that won't take very long" he patted and the monitor next to Lauren's bed.


"Okay sir. I'll see you then" I said awkwardly and he left again.


"Have you heard that princess? You can go home with me, and see uncle Lou and Haz and Li and Zayn again. They missed you so much just like me" I stroke her hair out her face and kissed her nose.

"and now we have you back. I'll contact with Paul and Simon to ask if we can stop touring after the arena tour. We have that one left and after that I'll make sure that we don't go anywhere far. Just the UK and maybe Europe" her arms wrapped around my neck and I saw a little smile appearing on her face. I didn't know if she heard it but she was happy, maybe only in her sleep but happy.


"Hey. I saw a doctor walking out. What happened?" I laughed and accepted my food when Emma walked in again.

"Nothing, he came and said that she probably can leave today after they have had a second eye with the results. So nothing is wrong" she smiled and sat on my lap while we ate our breakfast, it wasn't really good but what to expect from hospital food?


After that I got to the cafeteria to buy more food and Emma and I talked a lot about almost everything. My family, her family, her dreams, my dreams and what she thought of me being on tour for a while, and that so many times.


"I don't mind babe. But... I'll always be yours?" I laughed and kissed her lips "absolutely babe. I know that I don't have to look for my future girlfriend / wife in the crowd anymore. I have you to think about there" she giggled and blushed. "wife? You think we can get that far?" I laughed and cubed her cheeks. "I don't know but... If you want" she laughed as I tickled her stomach.

"I don't know Niall, I'd love to but now... Let's wait a while" I nodded and hugged her.

"I can wait a while if I can make you mine" she smiled and kissed my lips what made me smile as well.


"Hello sir, miss" the same doctor that came before walked in again and I blushed slightly as I pulled back "hi, you had your second eye thing?"

he laughed and nodded "and everything is fine. When she's awake we have to check her bloodpresure and her responsiveness before we really can let her go but I don't think you have to worry about that. We will have to bandaged her arm and chest. She broke a rib and her arm has weak spots and with that we can try to heal that without much pain" I nodded and let them do their thing with Lauren's body after she got medication to let her sleep through this.


"It's only for her to prevent a shock if she wakes up. If she does that while we're busy doing things with her body she might freaks out" he explained change saw me stressing out. I nodded and Emma squeezed my hand to make sure that everything was fine.


"They'll help her Niall, they won't hurt her. Nothing will go wrong after this babe" I smiled weak and hold Emma's waist with my arm. When she was around me I felt better.


"We're done. In a week you can change the bandages. And if she keeps telling that it hurts too much you can come back to ask for advice" he said after ten minutes and I sighed relieved.


"Just wait till she wakes up herself and let me know when that's happening" I nodded and sat down next to my princess while the doctor walked away again.


I watched her while she slept, the medication helped her calm down as well. Since she got that she didn't moved or shivered or did whatever she could do in her sleep to make me worry about what she thought.


"Niall... It's for you. It's Liam" Emma said and she handed me her phone. Why didn't he called on my own phone? Wait a minute! I hadn't heard or seen my phone the whole day. Did I left it there? Dropped it when I saw Lauren there again? It could be possible.


"Liam!" I cheered, my mood was good since I found Lauren again and the boys must be happy that I was happy again. 

"You're happy Niall, has been a while since we've heard you like this. But-" "Not happy to hear me like this Liam?" I could even joke again, I was glad that now I had Lauren back everything was like it used to be, almost.

"I love it to hear you like that again Niall. It's just that we don't understand what's going on... You have Lauren back?" I laughed and interrupted Liam again. 

"I'll explain it later. Make sure that everybody is home around four o'clock. I'll explain it there" and I ended the call, leaving Liam clueless but I didn't minded.


"Lauren... Baby wake up now, it's already 3.30 so you have to wake up" I tried to wake her up and it worked, slowly she opened her eyes and looked around.

"baby you're awake. I thought you'd sleep the whole day. The doctors said that we can leave within one hour. They'll do one last test and if that is positive we can leave. And you don't have to feel guilty because I couldn't sleep anyway. I had to stay awake for you" I knew that she'd think that she caused worries or troubles again for letting me stay awake. She smiled and hugged me tight, I hugged back, not letting her go and Emma took a picture of us.


"Can I see it please?" Lauren noticed that Emma took a picture and begged her. Both me and Emma laughed and let her see it.

She laughed but looked shocked when she saw her face, still covered with dried blood, cuts and bruises. It would take some time before the bruises, scars and cuts would leave but the blood? They could have cleaned that or am I really stupid now?

"Have you called uncle Liam and Zayn and the rest?" she asked and I nodded.

"I called them to say that you'd be home today but that's it. It was just a quick call. Granny knows as well but I don't know if she's able to make it since it's really bad weather in Ireland" It was a bit sad that mum couldn't make it today but tomorrow we'd have more rest and time for her to see and hug Lauren. Denise and Greg didn't came as well.

I understood it, Denise gave birth a month ago, no surprise that she didn't dared to go on a plane, fly to England, see Lauren and go back to Ireland again with Theo with her and letting him alone with Greg wasn't an option as well, he was too young.

We still had one month to work on the album so there would be time to go there. The first time for Lauren to see her cousin.


"Miss Horan? I think that you're happy to hear that we haven't found anything serious that caused you to stay here. You can leave now.

But know that it's the best to talk to you dad or anyone you trust about what happened. It is nothing to be ashamed of. You couldn't have prevented this" a doctor said and Lauren hugged me, I felt a tear on my shoulder but realized that it were tears of joy. She was happy that she'd go home again, after more than two months she'd be home again.

"Thank you very much sir. I'll make sure that she gets over this in the proper way. Do we need to come back for another check up?" I asked him, hoping that the blood results were good enough to not let her have to come back.

"I don't think so sir. If you think that there is something wrong you can always call or come around" I smiled happily, we could leave, Lauren would be reunited with her family again.


"Lauren. I hope that I don't have to see you here ever again for bad reasons but still, it was a pleasure to meet you" the doctor shook Lauren's hand as well and left.

"Come baby. We're going home. Everybody missed you so much. It's unbelievable how much" I lifted her up from the bed and placed her on my hip. I still had to support her back because she was too weak to do that herself, she didn't ate yesterday and now it was already four o'clock. I really had to give her some food before putting her into bed again.


"there we go Lauren. Uncle Harry and Louis and I think everybody wants to see you again. They missed you very much" It wasn't a lie, everybody missed her, even the fans while they didn't even knew her. They missed her because I was down the two weeks while we had our tour and Lauren was lost without a trace.


"Baby look at me. Don't be afraid when everybody's screaming. They're just happy that we have you back again. I'll make dinner for you and after that you go to bed" I said when we were almost home. She nodded and swallowed, pretended to be strong while I could see that she wasn't.

My baby grow up that much in only two months. But then again she had to grow up and be strong. My poor baby.

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