His Princess, Without Him

Niall finds his daughter back and with that also a way to save her. That way is giving his life instead of hers.

Now Lauren is alone without her dad but she still has her uncles... Will they forgive her? Will they blame her? What will management or the fans say when they find out that Niall is dead because of a six year old girl?

This is Lauren's life without her daddy.
The boys's lives without their friend.
Directioners's lives without the funny member of the band.
And a family's life with one less member.

How can they stay a family after all of this?


25. The Movie night

Niall's P.O.V.

"Are you serious? You just found her in a hallway?" the boys ask Harry for the tenth time in like twenty minutes. Harry and I had to explain everything like twenty times before they started to understand what happened today. Not that I blame them, it's complicated like hell to be honest. But I'm glad that I have my princess back in my life again. 

"Yes I am serious... I was crying my eyes out and then she found me... But lets not remind her of that, this evening has to be fun. For her and for us." the guys huff slightly.

"Us, have fun? We are forced to wear princessdresses? How will we ever able to have fun?" Zayn questioned me and Harry and I sighed. 

This wasn't my idea for a nigh full of fun but Lauren wanted it and I would do anything to make my babygirl smile like never before. That was for certain.

"Please, we will only watch one movie. She can't watch more... This day has been too busy for her to last till that late," I almost beg them, "You can rip them appart when we are finished but please do this for her... She wanted this more than anything." they look at each other and after some sighs they finally agree to wear the dresses, but only for one movie and no phones, camera's or other shit that could might picture it, were allowed. 

"This dress doesn't match my eyecolor." Louis whines when he tries his dress on as first. "You seriously couldn't have picked another one for me?" he keeps complaining like a teenage girl and I swat his arm.

"Shut up and wear that stupid dress before I will kill you," I said, trying to sound annoid but I truly wasn't. This might as well turn out to be quite fun.

That fun really came when me and the boys said down and waited for the real princesses to arrive. Lauren was first to run into the living room and look at us, all wearing dresses and even crowns on our heads. 

"Daddy! You are a funny princess!" she said happily and hugged me tight. "can you please be a princess more often? You are the prettiest princess everrrr" she kissed my cheek and looked at my crown,  "you even have a pretty crown!"

I laughed and kissed her head softly while I placed her down on my lap, carefull not to hurt her or anything. "You are lying princess, you are the prettiest one out here." once again she shook her head. 

"Nope daddy! Emma is the most pretty one!" I laughed at her lack of propper grammer, it made her cute and look like my baby again. A little girl, that shouldn't have to worry about anything at all. 

"Emma is more pretty than a real princess!" I looked at the door and saw my queen, dressed up like a princess, shyly smiling at all of us. I could not take my eyes off of her and I am sure the boys were laughing but I couldn't hear or care. 

"It's not too much? I have this one for so long but I never wore it... It's pretty old... Nothing like the things most people have nowadays." she said quickly when I didn't make a comment on her dress. But what comment would justify the beauty that was infront of me? 

Nothing ever would come close. 

"No, it's beautiful, you are beautiful... I, well, you." I said out of words and the boys laughed more at me while Emma slowly made her way to us. 

"Well I?" she asked with a small smirk on her face, obviously knowing what she did to me. 

"You are so beautiful, that I don't even know what to say anymore." I said after a couple moments of complete silence, but then, Louis had to ruin this moment between my family. 

"Get a room you two, or shut the fuck up and lets watch a movie" Harry said laughing but then Lauren swat his arm. 

"Bad uncle Harry! You can't say that bad word or daddy will have to punish you." I laughed and Harry pouted at her. "I'm sorry darling, I will never do it again, I promise you." she giggles and kisses his cheek. 

"Okay uncle Harry! And I'm sorry for hitting you." we all couldn't stop laughing and I placed my princess on my lap. 

"it's okay baby, he deserved it. But now, we are going to watch a movie!" she laughed and kissed my cheek as well. "Yay! Thank you daddy! You are the best daddy in the world!" Those words made my heart flutter and I couldn't stop smiling at my girl. 


We watchen two movies, Tangled and Cinderella, before Lauren passed out. All the fun, the fooling around and the laughing made her exhaused and she fell asleep on the couch in Liam's arms.

I had just taken my dress off and sat down again when my phone rang, and unknown phonenumber, and I answered the phone.

'Hello?' I asked. Worried that this might could be a fan that found out my phone number.
'Hello, mr. Horan am I speaking to right?' I poch accent asked me and I started to worry.

'Yes sir, you are. But who are you and why would you call me at this time? Is this about the new tour?' What if we had to perform more shows on the tour? I couldn't do that to Lauren right now, or ever again.

'You are speaking you Stephan Harling, I am calling for your daughter.' That was the moment I recognized the voice on the other side of the phone and I felt my blood turning cold like ice.

'What about Lauren if I may ask' I asked slowly and aware of the answer he might give me, and he gave the exact answer I was dreading to hear.

The words hurted both ears and heart. "We take your custody away. We'll pick her up in two days time." he said with a slow voice and my world fell appart, right after she fixed it today, it was broken again. And this time, it was broken forgood.

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