His Princess, Without Him

Niall finds his daughter back and with that also a way to save her. That way is giving his life instead of hers.

Now Lauren is alone without her dad but she still has her uncles... Will they forgive her? Will they blame her? What will management or the fans say when they find out that Niall is dead because of a six year old girl?

This is Lauren's life without her daddy.
The boys's lives without their friend.
Directioners's lives without the funny member of the band.
And a family's life with one less member.

How can they stay a family after all of this?


15. She Knows, But Also Don't...

Chapter 13 already!!! ------ She Knows, But Also Don't. 


Lauren's P.O.V.


Daddy wasn't around when I woke up. Neither were uncle Zayn, Liam, Louis or Harry.

I promised daddy that, no matter what, I would stay in the bus. So that was what I did.

The game with the flying birds and funny round, green pigs that daddy set on my phone might help me distract the passing time.

I made it till level 4, then a message popped up and I accidently tapped on it. It was a video of daddy!

"-be safe you shouldn't have adopted her. 
If you wanted her to have a normal life you did the stupidest thing you could have ever done." it was mister Paul.

"I know, I know Paul. I don't think that I can do this any longer. She needs a normal life, and she can't have that with me." I swallowed a few tears in again but aventually I started crying.

Daddy didn't wanted me anymore. He would send me away to the orpganage I came from.

"Lauren! I'm back!" I heard daddy's happy voice and I run to my bunckbed.

"Lauren? Sweetie, is there something wrong? Are you feeling sick?" I couldn't stop crying and hearing his voice only made it worse.

"I'll leave. I'm sorry I bothered you. It was nice to have met you." I murmured more to the pillow than to him and he didn't heard it.

"Go back to sleep okay? When you wake up everything will be fine. Daddy will watch over you. It's probably just the lack of sleep. Sleep well little angel." As he sang for me I fell a sleep.

Niall's P.O.V.

Poor girl. She was so tired that she got sick. Maybe someone could watch her while I had rehersals.

"Niall! You have to be on stage now! Rehearsals are planned earlier. Come on man!" It was like talking about the devil.
Ben stood in the bus and I looked on my phone. 
Already twelve o'clock. Time for the first sound check.

"Right. Could you watch Lauren till I'm back? She isn't feeling well and I don't think it'll be a good idea to let her stay here on her own." With a smile he agreed and with a relieved heart I left Lauren sleeping.

Unknown, 3th P.O.V.

As Niall left Ben started calling several people.

He dropped Lauren's name mulitple times and ended with "Then that's handeled. I'll meet you there!" At the same time in the tourbus.

"I told you! He didn't wanted you, I never wanted you. You are the biggest piece of shit walking on this planet."

Lauren shivered in her sleep as a faceless, tall woman with long brown hair spatted those words to her.

"You are pathetic and everything you do is doomed to fail! Little bitch."

"Lauren wake up. Come on. We need to hurry up or we'll miss the meeting." She woke up by a rough hand shaking her. 

"Get dressed so we can leave. Hurry up child." Lauren didn't recognized the man standing next to her bed.
"Come on child. Pack your bag." She did what the unknown man asked her and followed him to a red car with dark windows. She didn't remembered what her father had told her about not leaving without letting him know. She was too upset about what she had heard earlier.

"Sir... Where are we going?" He ignored her and read his text while driving the car.

"See u in 10. Make sure no one follows you."

He smiked to himself when he looked to the little girl sitting in the back of the car. Playing with a small butterfly.

He had to take it from her. If she was sleeping she wouldn't know she ever had it when she would wake up.

"Just go to sleep. You look tired." he handed her a bottle watter which she drank in one go. "Thank you sir. Thank you." she started feeling num and tired. Probably from her crying over her father and hoping he would be there if she woke up but he wasn't.

And as soon as she closed her eyes she was sleeping.

"It's done. We'll keep in touch. And remember, you don't know about this okay? It could cost both our heads!" Lauren, who is still sleeping, got handed to a tall man with a black hoodie and he turned around after handing the other one a light yellow envelope.

"We'll surely keep in touch. I wonder how he takes this." The tall man laughed and closed the door of the van. But before he did that he said one last thing to the other. "Make sure he doesn't finds out where I am. She's mine now." and he kissed Lauren's forehead gentle, like a father would do.


Niall just finished his soundcheck and rushed back to this daughter. The poor thing is feeling sick and he wanted to be there for her like any normal dad could be.

"Lauren" he didn't wanted to be too loud in case she was sleeping so his voice was a whisper. "Princess, are you feeling better?" He shoved the curtains from her bunckbed and was shocked.

There is no Lauren, no sign of her being in the bus either. 
Her stuffed animal, a little butterfly that he designed with her name sew in it, was gone too.

He knew she loved it and would never take the chance of losing it here, or anywhere else. 

He shouted her name, ran around the bus, ran back to the arena but no sign of his precious little girl.

"Lauren!!!" His knees became weak and he fell down. "Not again. Not again!!"

He felt his phone and saw Lauren's number and photo on his screen.

"Baby where are you? I'm worried!" a deep voice laughed darkly.

"Are you? Why? You said that she couldn't have a life with you. I helped you with this. No need to thank me. I'll take care of her. Like she's my daughter. Don't worry about her, she's save now". He started yelling and screaming at the phone.

"Who are you! How do you know that! I didn't said it like that! Where is she? What do you want from me!"

The man, on the other side of the line was still in his car with the sleeping Lauren on his backseat. 
He stroke her hair before he answered Niall's question.

"Nothing man. Just that you leave me alone with my daughter. I'll take care of her and I won't want her to leave. Goodbye!" Niall screamed and threw his phone to the wall.

His daughter was taken away from him. Abducted, twice in the time she was with him.

Troy River's P.O.V.

"Wake up darling. Daddy will help you change. It's time for school." Arianna woke up and looked around. She was such a big girl already.

"Where am I?" I laughed and lifted her up. "You're home again. Don't you remember? You could come home from the hospital. You had an accident w-where mom-mommy died." She threw her arms around my neck and hid her face in it, I wiped my own tears away. I had to be strong for her and for me. Casy would have wanted me to be strong.

"It's okay sweetheart. Mommy loved you very much. And so does daddy. I'll take care of you and I'll never want you to leave. Hurry up. It's time for the first day at school." She nodded and I handed her her cloths.

I had my Arianna back, kind of. I would raise her as my Arianna again.


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