His Princess, Without Him

Niall finds his daughter back and with that also a way to save her. That way is giving his life instead of hers.

Now Lauren is alone without her dad but she still has her uncles... Will they forgive her? Will they blame her? What will management or the fans say when they find out that Niall is dead because of a six year old girl?

This is Lauren's life without her daddy.
The boys's lives without their friend.
Directioners's lives without the funny member of the band.
And a family's life with one less member.

How can they stay a family after all of this?


16. Remembering and Convinsing

Hello everybody! I am so, so, so, so, so sorry that I haven't updated in over a month. I have been really busy with school since I had to trancfer to a new class and I have to catch up with all the missed stuff. I will try to update atleast once or twice in a week. 


Xx SummerxLover


Arianna's P.O.V. 


It has been four months since I got back from the hospital. I didn't remembered anything that happened but daddy said it wasn't my fault and that the memories would come back by time.


"Now on MTV, One Direction is still bothered by the same question. Where is our one and only Niall Horan's daughter?! If you have lived under a rock you won't understand but yes... Daughter!!! Our Irish lad isn't only an uncle but also a father! Back to the real deal. She got abducted almost five months ago, the day after her first apearance in public and there is still no-" Daddy switched the TV off with the remote.


"Who is that daddy? And why can't I watch tv? I already cleaned my room." He nodded and pulled me on his lap. "That's a guy and he is a singer. And sadly he lost a very special person in his life. But that's nothing for you to worry about okay. He'll find her, maybe." I nodded and hugged daddy.

"Yeah! Maybe I can help him! I can make a painting and ask Miss. Mary to hang it up in the school!" Daddy laughed and kissed my forehead softly. "You are too good for this world Arianna. But the main reason for you not watching TV is because I have a surprise for you. You said you liked Miss. Mary's hair colour. What if you got the same one?" I could get yellow hair!


"Really daddy! I would love to. Really, really love to." he laughed and I jumped off his lap and grabbed my coat. "We don't have to go away because Erika will do it here." I didn't remembered Erika but daddy told me she was a friend of mommy and that I used to really like her.


"She will be here in ten minutes. We can watch an episode of Dora the Explorair if you want to?" I agreed and daddy played that DVD of Dora. "Daddy?" He nodded. "Can I see mommy's photoalbum again please? I want to remember!" He swallowed, I saw it, and he stood up. "Sure you can. But remember, if the memories of mommy won't come back no one will be mad or dissappointed in you. You can't do anything against it." I nodded and opened the big book filled with mommy's pictures.


"Hello everybody! Arianna are you ready?" A somewhere familiar voice filled the room. "I gotta go Lou. He'll find her. Everybody knows who she is." I stood by the door and saw a woman calling someone. "Say hi from me to everybody there. I love you too Lou." Then she turned around and looked me in my eyes.


"Lauren... Sweetie is that- Lauren?" Now daddy stood behind the girl and closed the door for a minute and I looked though mommy's photos again not giving the girl my attention. Mommy was so pretty. Blone hair and I could only dream of a dress like her's on her wedding day. Daddy had a tux and his best friend stood next to him. Smiling happily. Blone hair like mom. I remembered this one! I used this for something nana asked me to do. "So we have the pictures you want?" granny asked when we had been trough all the photos and chose the ones we liked. "Yup and this one. From their wedding. She looks so pretty there. Her dress!!!" she nodded and laid it down with the other pictures we'd use. "Daddy! Daddy I remember!" When I opened the door and run inside daddy sat at the kitchtable, alone. "You do? What do you remember?" his voice was shacking but he laughed at me. "I remembered mommy's wedding picture!" he gasped and hugged me tight. "I am so happy Arianna. Come on. Daddy will change the colour or your hair ke? Lizzy had to do something important." I nodded but still asked the question that was on my mind. "Daddy? Why did she called me Lauren? That is not my name right?" Daddy laughed and shook his head. "She got confused I think. You are my little Arianna." I sighted relieved and kissed daddy's cheek. In what kind of trouble would I be if I didn't even rebembered my own name? I knew daddy was hurt by the fact that I didn't even remembered mommy and the things we used to do together. If I forgot who I was myself his heart would break. "I love you daddy. And mommy loves you too. I know that."



Louis Tomlinson's P.O.V.


"No it can't be! Liz we all want her back but you can't accuse an innocent man his daughter for being Lauren." She just called me back. Saying that she was sure she saw Lauren. "Louis please. Listen to me! It was her. I know for hundred per cent sure!" I walked away. Niall was broken again and I didn't wanted to give him false hope.


"Erika how could you know for sure? You only saw her once. Almost half a year ago! It can't be her Erika." In the refletion of the mirror I see Niall laying on the sofa with Emma next to him.

He just gave another intervieuw about her, he needed her with him so badly. I couldn't tell them about her call. It would be unfair to give them hope.


She was lost for over four months. Almost five and still nothing after that one call from that man. It couldn't be tracked, The phone was probably destroyed after that last contact with Niall. The positive side of this all, well... less negative, is that the man said that he'd love her as his daughter. She wasn't with some asshole who would rape her. Probably...


"Louis than come! Come and you'll see it yourself! It really is her. He wanted me to change her hair colour, so no one would recognize her again. He already gave her glasses, cut her hair but it isn't enough! Louis you have to believe me!" She is yelling at me and I can hear her voice tremble.


"And what! What if it was her!" I bursted out. "She didn't recognized you, Niall is all over the TV and internet so she should remember who she is! Erika think! A six, almost seven, year old doesn't forget what has happened in her life! Especially Lauren. She wouldn't forget her family! She is gone and isn't coming back.


Niall is almost accepting that so don't gove him false hope. We already have to cancle the first shows of the WWA-tour, maybe we won't even do the tour, and now we are almost breaking up due to this mess! I have to go. Bye." I hung up and punshed the wall.


"Louis? What's wrong?" Harry came around the cornor. "Erika is convinced she saw Lauren. She is going nuts! Please try to talk it out of her, she's your friend too. Niall needs to forget and move on, how hard it might be. We are breaking up, our friendship has never been this hard and complicated before." I looked up to the roof of the building...


Ready to say what I was about to say


"Just a couple more months and Niall has forgotten her way of being too. He already can't remember her voice and eyes. It can't take too long now." Harry shook his head.


"Lou you can't be serious! He'll never forget her! She is his daughter. And the reason that we are breaking up is because we don't fight for it as a team like we did before. Would your mom stop looking for you, or one of your sisters if this had happened to her. No she wouldn't. She would search till she found you because she loves you."



"Well. But at least my mom wouldn't let me get abducted, twice!" Harry shook his head and then walked away. When I turned around I saw Niall standing four feet behind me and I realized how bad of a friend I am.


"Niall I-I didn't meant it like-" "Save it. At least now I know how you really think of this." his voice was calm and cold. "I thought you loved her too. But I guess I thought wrong."

he walked away and I was frozen. How could he say that. I loved that little girl. I loved her with my entire heart. I was just being reasonable.



Erika's P.O.V.

How could he! That girl, it was Lauren. "I'm at a payphone. Trying to call home. All of my change I spend on you."


Yeah, I know. Old song but it was still my ringtone. Harry? Why would Harry call me now? Did Louis told him about what I saw?


"Hi? Erika is this you?" His voice is a whisper. "Yeah, it's me Harry. What's going on? If you want to yell at me like Louis did go ahead and yell. I'm here for you!" his answer surprised me.

"I believe you. I won't yell at you, just tell me what happened because we need to find her back!" I started to explain what happened when I got at the apartment of Troy that morning.


"I was there, he called me, saying that he wanted to change his daughter's hair colour because she didn't wanted her brown hair anymore. Me, being a hairdresser, can't refuse such an order. I was there and it's her Harry. It really is her. I'm hundred per cent sure. Please believe me! I want to help Niall just as much as you do." he hummed om the other side of the line and it took a while before he answered.


"I might have an idea. Can I come over at your place in like, twenty minutes? And, is it okay if Gemma comes too? She might can be part of the plan." He really believed me, wanted to help me prove that I was right!


"Sure Harry! I'll see you in twenty." and he hung up. This was going to work. I was going to prove Louis wrong. It was Lauren.


Only now, she is Arianna... But not for much longer.




What is Harry's idea? Will his plan work? Will that girl even be Lauren? Will she remember who she really is? Questions, questions, questions. You'll only find out if you keep reading so I sugest you do that!

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