His Princess, Without Him

Niall finds his daughter back and with that also a way to save her. That way is giving his life instead of hers.

Now Lauren is alone without her dad but she still has her uncles... Will they forgive her? Will they blame her? What will management or the fans say when they find out that Niall is dead because of a six year old girl?

This is Lauren's life without her daddy.
The boys's lives without their friend.
Directioners's lives without the funny member of the band.
And a family's life with one less member.

How can they stay a family after all of this?


12. More Family and Calling Management

Lauren's P.O.V.

"Where are we going daddy?" I asked daddy when he drove in the different direction than home. "This isn't the way home" he laughed softly and drove to the side of the road and stopped the car, turned around to face me.

"Because we aren't going home again. We have a gig tonight and after that we will leave for two weeks." what! Daddy was leaving me alone for two weeks? I had nowhere else to go and I was afraid to be home alone...

"You are coming with me of course. I can't leave you alone. That's why you had to pack your bags. The lads will bring them to the arena when they come" So I was leaving home for two weeks but I would stay with daddy? Interesting...

"But first, I have a little gift for you. And I want you to have it with you all of the time. Not one single moment I want to find out that you left it okay?" he is all serious right now and I nodded.

"Okay daddy. What is it? Can I see it please?" He laughed at me and opened the frontdoor of the car, stapped out and opened my door so he could sit next to me.

"Of course you can princess. I have it right here and if you want we can... Just open it love" He handed me a small box with a pink bow on it.

"What is this? An I ph- phone? What is that?" "This is your Iphone. It's your own cell phone" A what? "I'll put my number in it, along with the other lads. Now you can call or text me when something is wrong and we aren't near" "But how do I do that? I do not understand it." He laughed and pulled me on his lap. 
"Open it Lo, I'll teach you when we are at the arena and we have some free time" I opened the box and a shiny and white thing looked at me.

"This is pretty! This is only for me?" "Who else's must it be?" Maybe his? He always had the shiny and expensive stuff...

"And now... Now you are gonna meet someone, two people to be exact, new" More people? How many people did they know? Like a billion? 

"Who?" "Auntie Lou and her daughter Lux" "But I already know uncle Lou?" Daddy laughed at me and I looked down, did I do something stupid again?

"I say 'auntie Lou'. Her name is Louise but that's too long. She prefers Lou, just like Eva prefers Eva instead of Evanna. Do you understand?" "So I have an uncle Lou and an auntie Lou?" "Yes you have, she's really lovely and she is always around while we're on tour so we have someone to stay with you while we're performing. Are you okay with that?" even if I wouldn't be I don't think I could do anything against it. Daddy was working so he needed someone to stay with me for sure. 

"But come, we have to be quick if you want me to teach you how to use your Iphone before the gig starts. Can you let me drive again?" I nodded and crawled off his lap again so he could get out of the car and sit on the driver's seat.

He turned the radio on, radio 1 I think, and started singing the songs along and after some songs I started singing along, at least the songs I knew. 

"Wow, baby you sing wonderfully you know?" I blushed and covered my mouth. Why did everybody had to find me singing?

I can't sing that good, just for fun, singing was the only thing I could really do when I was with Drake because he wouldn't let me do anything different than that. Even singing was forbidden but I just didn't listened to that. 

"Don't stop singing, keep going. For someone only six years old you have a really good voice. Do you mind singing more for me please?" I looked down and shyly shook my head no. Dad laughed and focused on the road again.

"I won't force you. Just do it if you want to. I started singing in the back of my dad's car as well. See how far I've come. You can do it too. I believe in you" I giggled but hold my mouth closed. In the past two days more than enough people had heard me singing. 

Niall's P.O.V.

We arived at the arena around four o'clock. Lauren kept quiet after I catched her singing in the back of the car.

She had a sweet and warm voice and I'm sure that with the right vocal coaching she is going to become a great artist. If she wants to be that, she can chose her own life and I'm not going to do that for her. 

I quickly drove up the parkinglot and sneaked inside the garage without getting cought. I had luck these days.

Fans didn't saw me and Lauren together or suspected anything, I got messages about her, things from the hospital but I just said that it was nothing.

After we accepted the idea for 1DDay we planned to show Lauren there for the first time. If was safe for her there, no mean fans that could come to her and hurt her for this. Fans could do stupid things because they were jalouse... 

"Look Lauren, there they are" I saw Lou and Lux walking "Lets say 'Hi' to auntie Louise okay?" Lauren shook her head and I laughed softly. 

"Lou! How are you!" she turned around and smiled at me. "Nialler, I'm doing great. What 'bout you?" she stood still and I hugged her. "I'm doing awesome. Great to be back in my normal me and performing again" she smiled and hugged back. 
"I missed this Niall ya know... The happy and bubbling Niall" 

"And this must be Lauren. What lovely to finally see you after so long. I'm Louise" Lauren hid her face in the crook of my neck again. "Come on baby. Auntie Louise is very sweet don't you want to meet her?" Lauren shook her head and I laughed. 

"Uncle Nini! Lux loves uncle Nini!" Lux run to me and hugged both of my legs. She was just as social as her mother and I really saw her as family. 
"And uncle Nini loves you too Lux. You are so big already. How are you doing baby cake?" she giggled and I lifted her up with my other arm. Now holding the two girls, Lux buncing on my arm and Lauren still trying to get away from there, while Lou made a picture, but I shook my head. 

"Then can't know yet Lou. I don't want her to catch too much attention after everything" she nodded and put her phone away again. 

"Who's the gurl?" Lux asked me and she pointed to Lauren. "Lux, it's unapropriate to point at people" Lou corrected her daughter and I nodded. "This... This is Lauren, and she is my daughter. I am her daddy" Lux frowned but I didn't explained. It would be too hard to understand for a toddler. 

"Lauren, come on baby. Look at autnie Lou and Lux. Don't be shy" she shook her head again and I started feeling awkward again. Lux pokked Lauren's hip and Lauren looked up quickly. "Who's she?" "I'm Lux! And I'm uncle Nini's friend! Who are you?" Lauren turend away again and Lou walked to her as well. 

"I bet you are Lauren, I am auntie Louise and this here, this is my daughter Lux. Why are you so shy? Shall I tell you some stories about your daddy? He's really funny." when she mentioned 'daddy' she turned to her and Lou laughed. 

"Come with me" I put Lauren down and directly she got pulled in a hug my Lux. "I will show you around while daddy does some things to prepare for tonight okay?" Lauren turned to me and her eyes asked me the question she didn't spoke out loud. 

"Sure you can baby. Have fun with auntie Lou and Lux. I'll be around and Lou will be able to find me if you need me okay? Have fun!" she smiled and run to Lou. 

"I'll be on stage and calling management. I have to arange some things for from now on. I can't let her live a life like this. It's too hard for her" Lou nodded and walked the two hugging girls to the hallway of the arena. 

Unbelievable that Lauren was that shy and within two minutets she is all big friends with Lux. Doesn't matter at all because Lux will be the only girl she has while on tour.

"Hey Brenton! Can I talk to you for a sec please?'' Brenton was the closest person we had at management, we would talk to him about stuff and he would fix it for us.

"Nialler sure you can. What's it about? Troubles at the arena?" "No, not at all Brenton, I want to talk to you about Lauren..." I can feel that he puts his head down as I speak her name. "What about her?" he asked shortly and annoyed.

"I don't think that I will be able to go on tour as much as we do now. Lauren needs a steady place to grow up after everything that-" "Niall please stop. You know you have sighned a contract two and a half year ago. You can't just quit!" wow! I didn't ecpected that at all.

"Brenton please let me speak. I still will tour I just want to have more times off, I need time with Lauren at home. She needs an as normal childhood as possible, I thought you would understand as you being a father as well!" how could he do this? They supported me trough Lauren's missing so why don't they support me when she's back in my life? 

"It's because you thought she wouldn't come back isn't it?" I spoke my thoughts out loud. That was it, they didn't suspected that I would find Lauren back, they waited for a sign that she was dead and that I lost her forever. 

"What do you mean Niall?" "You only suported me because you thought she would never come back! Now she's back she's just a burden for you!" I yelled so loud that I didn't noticed Harry and Liam walking in. 

"Mate, what's wrong?" Harry patted my shoulder and I turned around.

"Fucking managements doesn't things about how I am going to be a father! I can't keep her with me on tour, she needs to be educated and has friend of her age and- They just don't fucking let me be a good father!" Liam took my phone from me and started to talk to Brenton about this. Maybe he can do something against it. 

"Mate calm down... Take a breath and don't think about it. We can call or skype them tonight together. Zayn wants to make this less as well. Louis too. We also have our families and well-" "Right Haz. I think I'll check up on the touring bus and put lauren's stuff there. We have two sides again right? Me, Lauren and Louis on the left and than you, Liam and Zayn on the right?" he nodded and handed me Lauren's suitcase. 

"We brought it for you, as you asked us. By the way... How was it there? How did she reacted?" I saw down on the ground and Harry sat down next to me. 

"That girl there wanted her to close her eyes and relive it again! She had to say everything she saw, she thought, heard and felt. I couldn't stand it Harry. She's only six years old and she knows more than I knew when I was thirteen! He ruind her idea of love, he took away her virginity! She's my little girl" Harry nodded and patted my shoulder strongly.

"I'm sorry for you. But now you can move forward. She doesn't have to do this again" "She has to. Court is in two weeks and they expect her to be there" "Like serious? They can't mean that for sure. She has to be there and see him again?" "Jup... But I'll check up on the bus okay?" I had to blow some steam off before I would scream at Harry.

"Okay. I will try to fix things along with Liam okay?" I shrugged and walked away with Lauren's tiny suitcase in my left hand.


"Fucking Modest!" I pushed the door of the touringbus open and threw Lauren's suitcase inside.
"Can't even let me be a freaking father!" I jumped on the couch and started screaming to no one in peticualer.

"Nialler? Is that you?" Zayn opened the door and saw me screaming on the couch.

"Mate what's wrong?" I looked up to see Zayn, Louis, Perrie and Eleanor standing there. Giving me pittyful looks which I didn't wanted. I wanted them to say things to management to stop us having tours this far from home.

"Niall what's wrong?" Pez sat down next to me and ruffled my hair. "You can tell us. Is this about Lauren?"

It totaly was, everytime I was upset it was because of Lauren. Not a miracle that she thought she caused me too much troubles. But I love my sweet little princess to death.

"Management says that we can't slow down the upcoming tours because of the contract we signed. I didn't freaking knew I would have to handle this. 
I can't keep Lauren with me forever on tour. She needs to go to school and have friend of her age. Lux won't be here in a few months so than she has no one!" Eleanor gave me a hug to calm me down without words.

"We know Niall. I don't want to stay away this long again. Pez and I planned on talking with them this week or so. I can't leave my sone-to-be wife alone too long" Perrie blushed and Zayn kissed her blushy red cheek.

"Right. If you two do, prepare yourselves for the worst because they are absolute dickheads. Maybe you can fix it with them but I don't even try it after this"  Zayn laughed softly and I just shrugged it off.

"We'll try everything we can to fix this for everybody. Maybe this is the right time after all. Our contract is almost finished so maybe we can try to have more influence on the next one. Just blow some steam off and after that we have soundcheck okay.

And maybe you need to spend some time with Lauren as well. Even when she is enjoying it with Lux and Lou although" I nodded and left, ready to find Lauren to teach her how to use her phone.



"Boys! You have to be up in five minutes!" Lauren looked at me and I tapped her nose.

"What is happening in five minutes daddy? Why is it so crowdie here? Who are all those girls that are screaming your name?" she was full of questions about everything in the building and the show.

"In five minutes we are performing. Do you want to watch it? It's real fun" she smiled at me and nodded like crazy. "But this is only once okay? Because it's the first time you can watch the show." "So I can stay up till late? Really? I love you daddy!" "And I love you baby. But you have to promise me that you won't run on stage and when you're tired that you say it to auntie Eleanor or auntie Louise okay?

It was a long day and it wasn't early yesterday either. But I have to go now okay? Stay with auntie Eleanor till I come back and kiss you goodnight. I love you" she kissed my nose and I hand her over to Eleanor who hugged her while I got my last things done for the night.

Time to rock the stage again, in my usual me!

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