His Princess, Without Him

Niall finds his daughter back and with that also a way to save her. That way is giving his life instead of hers.

Now Lauren is alone without her dad but she still has her uncles... Will they forgive her? Will they blame her? What will management or the fans say when they find out that Niall is dead because of a six year old girl?

This is Lauren's life without her daddy.
The boys's lives without their friend.
Directioners's lives without the funny member of the band.
And a family's life with one less member.

How can they stay a family after all of this?


30. Meeting With John Again

Niall's P.O.V.


The day after that, I went back to John and appologized for my behaviour. Luckily for me he accepted those appologies and said that he made a mistake too. 

"So, I still tried to contact those people and they have responded to that mail-" I looked at him with wide eyes, not knowing if I could believe what my ears just heard. They responded, we were one step closer to finging Lauren back. 

"they only don't know wether it is or ins't a good idea to have you involved in Lauren's new life. However, they do have some things they'd like to discus some things that they found out a couple days ago." 

So they really thought that I was a danger to her, that it would be a mistake to be close to her again. That wat hurtful, but there was nothing much to do about it, I had to accept that they thought this was the best for my baby. I just had to change their minds when I'd see them. 


"They would like to meet you next week, I will arange the place and inform you and the when we know the time and location. And when this is finished, we can continue talking to the people from the social service about the chances to get her back and wether it would be optional to make that happen in the upcoming few months, we obviously want the best for her, as soon as possible." I completely agreed with him, except the fact that I wished she would be here within a few days. 

But I still knew that that would be impossible, we still had a pretty long way to go before she'd be mine again, but talking to her new parents would be a great first step. 

"That sounds great, I guess. So we can only talk to them, not to her?" I asked, just to be sure, just to hear that I was right, that I couldn't see her again. 

"I am really sorry Niall but you can't. We have to be greatfull that they even want to talk to us about this. Now you have to oppertunity to tell them that there might be a chance that they won't have her for long. If they know this now, they can already get used to that idea instead of hearing it maybe one week before we can take her back." 

John had an plan, if he wouldn't be atleast over 50 per cent sure that we had a chance to get her back he wouldn't talk like this. That was for sure, John wasn't that kind of person who would let people believe things that were already doomed to faill before even started to try. 

"So this is like telling them we are fighting.. fighing them actualle?" Emma asked, second thoughts clear in her voice. What was wrong this time? 

"You can see it like that, but you can also see it as..." John thought for a moment, probably looking for a good way to explain what we were doing. 

"It's like the system they use for guide dogs." Guide dogs? What the hell, was my first thought but then I remembered, I didn't only know John on a buissnes level, also on a personal level. 
He used to be a kid I knew from school, not really a friend but he tagged along at the playground and the soccerfield. 

That's where I learned that his sister was blind, and needed a guide dog. That's why he came up with that comparison. 

"They have taken care of her, because her home situation was too busy doing the things they had to do to give her a good future. But once everything is settled down again she can come back to grow up in her original home again." I had to say that this was really like the situation is right now. 

"And if we inform them about that soon enough they have time to let it sink in and find peace in that fact. They also love her and we can't just rip her from them, that would exactly be the same as what happened with you." God damn, John really has an amazing working pair of brains! 


After an hour Emma and I left again, with the promise of John that we would know more by the end of the day. This was gonna be a long day since it was only 11 A.M. 



"Are you sure that this a good thing, that this is a best way to do this? I mean, we are tearing them appart like they have done with you." Why was everybody, including the boys and my family, questioning the way I was getting my princess back?! 
Didn't they understand how important she was for me and that I couldn't stand living without her? 

"Maybe not the best way, but it's the only way to get her back before she is eighteen!" I said and they all rolled their eyes, obviously not seeing that I was right. We had to do this quick. If we would slow the progress down now it would mean that there was more time for Lauren to bond with her new family, more time for her to need me less and a highly decreasing chance to ever get her back.

We had dinner at my place, hoping to hear some good news but John wasn't calling, which made me anxious as hell. What if those people changed their minds and didn't wanted to see me at all? That would be horrible! 


"Niall!" I looked up, probably zoned out like many times before, and saw Emma waving her hands infront of my face. 

"Your phone!" My phone? My PHONE! JOHN!!! 

I quickly answered my phone, hearing the voice I was dying to hear all day long. 

"John! Please tell me that you are the best guy in town!" I pleaded him and I could hear some chuckles from the other guys in the room. 
"Am I the best guy in town when I tell you that you, Emma, Nicolle and George Rider and I, have a meeting tomorrow at 3 p.m.?" I stared at my phone, now knowing if I could believe what I had just heard. 

"Are you kidding me?! Are you fucking kidding me John! Tomorrow!?" I looked Emma and she couldn't hide her smile anymore. I kissed her lips and then listened to what John had to say more. We would talk, we would have the chance to explain why this all happened, that they wouldn't have Lauren with them forever, that this was just temporar.

"I will pick you up at 2 p.m. tomorrow and then we will meet Nicolle and George somewhere they will pick. I gave them the oppertunity to choose the place, since this conversation will be the most awkward for them." I kept nodding, not that he'd see that, and saying that he was the best lawyer in the entire world. 

"So I'd say that you two prepare what you want to say, and this is really important Niall, you gotta listen to me very carefully right now. You can not lose your temper like you did with me last time. I know you better than that, I know that it's just all the emotions that you bottle up, they do not know that. If you lose your temper tomorrow they can go to social service to say that you have a huge anger managing problem, which is not a good quality for a father.

If you lose your shit tomorrow I am afraid we have lotst everything we have fought for for so long, then there is nothing I can do for you to fix it, so I sugggest you take a lot of sleepingpills tonight and think of what you want to say, also find a way to controle yourself when you have the feeling that you are gonna lose it." 

"I understand John, it will never happen again I promise you. Thank you so so so so so much! You have now idea how happy you make me right now! I am like the happiest person in the entire world right now!" He laughed, I could almost hear him rol his eyes and shake his head but I didn't minded. 

We were one step closer to find my princess back! Nothing could ruin this night! 

"Let me guess. The pizza guy is on his way?" Harry and Liam said laughing and everybody joined, including me. 
"Even better, but he was supposed to call too" I say, not able to stop lauging and I pulled Emma as close to me as I could.

"I love you baby, I couldn't do this without you." I whisper to her and kiss her cheek quickly. 
"You are doing this all yourself Niall, you are the one who came up with John, you pay him to do this thing, the only thing I do it just stand next to you and hope for the best." I held her face in my hands and looked in her eyes. 

"And that is what's keeps me going Emma. Without you I would have lost hope long ago." Is what I told her before I hugged her tight, nog letting her go. 

"I need you forever. You have to keep me calm, John already told me that if I lose my temper tomorrow like I lost it yesterday that we will never get her back." I could feel her smile and she nodded her head slightly, whispering "I will never let that happen. I promise you Niall I will never let that happen."


"are you just gonne hug and kiss all night long or are you gonna tell us what happened on that damn phone!?!" The boys said all together and I couldn't stop laughing for the seconds time that evening, and it would definately not be the last. 


Hey everybody! I hope you like this, next chapter Niall and Emma will meet Lauren's 'new' parents! Will he keep his calm? 

I now have officially free from school, and since my boyfriend dumped me for another girl, I don't have to split my time between writing and spending time with him. I can now fully concentrate on my writing so I will not let you down! 

Next chapter will be on in a week! 


Xx Eva :) 

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