His Princess, Without Him

Niall finds his daughter back and with that also a way to save her. That way is giving his life instead of hers.

Now Lauren is alone without her dad but she still has her uncles... Will they forgive her? Will they blame her? What will management or the fans say when they find out that Niall is dead because of a six year old girl?

This is Lauren's life without her daddy.
The boys's lives without their friend.
Directioners's lives without the funny member of the band.
And a family's life with one less member.

How can they stay a family after all of this?


21. He Missed You The Most

Niall's P.O.V.

As Emma ran in I covered my red and puffy eyes with a pair of sunglasses before walking behind her.


"Hazza! What have you done? You really worried us!" He hugged her back but never lost eye contact with me.

"Niall? Can I talk to you for a moment alone please?" I looked at him and wanted to protest but he pulled me to a bathroom. 


"What Harold! I don't understand why you are here in the first place and I don't know why I am here either." he nodded happily and looked me in my eyes. 

"Because in a couple minutes you will be happy you got here! Just believe and follow me!" I totally didn't felt like doing anything that Harry wants me to do today. He was lucky enough that I went here to pick him up. Why would anything in here make me happy? 

"I swear you Ni, you will still thank me when we are old and always grumpy and bold and deaf! Till we die you will thank me if you just believe me now." This story got more complicated after the second. 

What would cause me that much happiness that I would still thank him after so long?

"Harry I don't want to be here any longer so you can come with us or you can stay here." I know I was a bad friend for blackmailing him but I really wanted to go home. I didn't felt like helping any of the lads because they all agreed with Louis.

I wouldn't find her back and that was because I was a horrible father. I didn't deserved to become a father ever again.

"Niall it will take 5 seconds, nothing more and then I will do everything you want me to do!" he pleaded and I shook my head no before I walked away from him.

That was something he totally didn't expected because he didn't moved until I slammed the door.

Then he started yelling at me and he roughly pulled me away from the exit to a long hallway.

"You will have to see this before you leave!" He stopped infront of a door. Why would a door make me happy?

"Harry? I don't understand. A door!" He chuckled and knocked on the door three times.

"Do you still have something to lose?" Good question. I don't think I have. I lost everything in my life!

"So tought I." Did he just read my mind or did I say that out loud? I still don't know that but Harry looked at my with useless hope in his eyes.

"If you don't open the freaking door I will!" He shouted at me when I turned my body away from him and I was about to walk away. He obviously understood that I wasn't going to open that door so he did a step closer to it.

"But remember that I already told you this! You were too stubborn to have faith in this, in me!" He opened the door and I took a step away from it.

"He's here, I know that you don't believe me but he missed you the most." To who was he talking?

I heard quick footsteps running towards me. 

"Daddy!" a small body crashed to mine and two tiny and weak arms wrapped around my leg. 

"Daddy!" I finally dared to look down and I got weak from inside of me. "Daddy, I missed you!" I turned back to Harry and he just simply nodded at me. 

"She is all yours. Take your time and I will update Emma." Then he closed the door, I was alone with my angel again. 

"Princess, please don't scare daddy like that ever again. Come here angel!" I liften her up and sat down on one of the chairs in the room. 

"Look at you! You became such a big girl already!" She smiled at me and nodded happily, letting me show that one of her front teeth is missing. I swallowed. 

"And I see that you got a little visit from my old friend, the tooth fairy." she nodded happily and I wiped a small tear away, I wanted to be there when she lost her first teeth. 

"Daddy?" I noticed that her voice was trembling and I nodded my head in her direction. 
"Is there anything wrong princess?" she nodded slightly and spoke again. 

"Why did you cared that I was missing?" Why did I cared? 

"Babe, because I love you, because I missed you more than everything! Why wouldn't I care about you not being around me?" Her answer shocked me. 

"Because you told mr. Paul that I had to leave you." She knew that? How did she knew about that conversation?! Only me and Paul knew that exactly was said back there, and he would never do this to me!

"Baby, daddy isn't going to lie to you by saying I didn't said that to Paul but please let me explain it too you before you get mad at me." She nodded and I don't think I could have ever understood the hurt and heartbreak she must have felt.

"I only said it because Paul got angry at me for what I said to the fans to protect you. Can you please let me explain it to you. I wanted to give you the best chance of a good and normal life, and I know you will never have that because I am part of you, but I wanted to try. I wanted to send you to uncle Greg and aunt Denise. Not for forever but just when I was too busy with my work." Wow, that sounded so rude. 

"So when we would have gigs in South America or in Asia, you could be with auntie Denise and have a normal life, and when I would come back home you could be with me." She looked out my without saying a word. 

"But I realized that I can't, I can't be without you, even when I know you are with a good family that takes care of you. I just can't live without you and I don't want to live without you. Please forgive me and come with me again.

I will never leave you, I will never suggest to send you somewhere else, I will make time for you when we have gigs and I will always make sure that you can come to me when there is something." I kissed her tiny forhead and looked in her eyes, hoping that she believed everything I would want to do to make her love me again. 

"So, you didn't wanted to send me back?" she asked and I nodded like crazy. "Why would I want that baby? I would never want to see you with someone else, you are mine remember?" she nodded her head and I smiled. She still believed my love for her, now she only needed to start loving me as her father again. 


"Do you want to go home? We can do a disney princess movie marathon and eat pizza? Emma and the lads can come too if you want that. But if you just want it to be us two it's totally fine!" 

"Can uncle Harry come too? And Uncle Louis and Zayn? And uncle Liam promised me to have a movienight" she still saw them as her uncles, she still saw us as her real family. 

"Of course they can angel. They would love to join the movie night. And we will do anything you want us to do" her eyes began to sparkle and I laughed a little. 

"Anything? So, you will even dress up as princesses?" I chuckled and nodded my head. "Yes! Daddy I would love to see you as a princess!" Daddy? She called me daddy again! 


I still am my baby's daddy!


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