His Princess, Without Him

Niall finds his daughter back and with that also a way to save her. That way is giving his life instead of hers.

Now Lauren is alone without her dad but she still has her uncles... Will they forgive her? Will they blame her? What will management or the fans say when they find out that Niall is dead because of a six year old girl?

This is Lauren's life without her daddy.
The boys's lives without their friend.
Directioners's lives without the funny member of the band.
And a family's life with one less member.

How can they stay a family after all of this?


11. Do I Really Have To?

Niall's P.O.V.


Really, I never let Louis babysitter Lauren for the rest of her life after what happened yesterday! But today, it was a real deal... 

"Liam, I know that I'm not allowed to speak to any of you till three this afternoon but I have to ask you something" Liam walked down the stairs to the kitchen, probably to get food for the boys and Lauren who were still in Louis' room.

"Please don't talk to Lauren about this afternoon, surely not about tonight.
We have to go to the cops for the interview and after that I planned on quickly buying her a cell phone before the gig. So please tell Louis that she needs to be ready to leave a three sharp" he nodded and patted my shoulder. 

"We weren't planning on telling her anyway. This is something that you need to do with her, we're just here for the fun parts, helping her totally forget after today. It'll work out Nialler, I know" I smile and start to eat my breakfast again. 

It was funny, and weird. Lauren was finally back in my life and now the boys forbade her to talk to me.

I started packing my stuff for the tour and pack the last things that Lauren has forgotten to pack. Like her guitar, a warm coat, enough socks and underpants.

I ate lunch alone again, still no sign of Lauren and the boys but I think they enjoy themselves too much to think about me. I decided to text Emma.

N: hi baby

E: Hi Niall, how are you?

N: Alone...

E: How that so? Tell me babe.

N: Lauren has her sleepover with Louis and the rest and I, I just sit here the entire day. Waiting till it's time to remind Lauren of everything that we tried to forget. I feel bad... :-(

E: I see... I know you don't want to but you really have to. It's the best for everybody... After today she can truly forget about it.

N: Yeah, I know

E: But???

N: Im just afraid the nightmares will come back and she won't have fun while we're on tour and that I have to worry too much about her and let the fans down again.

E: She will have the nightmares anyway. Just tell her she doesn't have to worry about him ever again if she tells it.

N: but what is she doesn't want to answer them because she's scared. I had promised to look after her and three days later she got kidnapped by the guy that I had to protect her from. I understand if she doesn't believes me after that.

E: Than make the cops talk to her and explain it...

N: I will. Thanks for being here babe. It's nice to talk, or text, with somebody about it.

E: Always Niall. She's a part of you. I'll always be there for you.

N: I gotta go. Lauren comes downstairs and we have to leave in five.

E: Doesn't matter Niall. Text me after you went there. Say hi to the lads and Lauren from me okay? Love ya

N: Not as much as I love you. Bye! Xxxxxxx

E: Cheesy, but I like it ;-*

N: That's me, cheesy and funny!!!

E: Weirdo pretty much...

N: Love ya 2 babe.


"Daddy!" Lauren run to me and I spun her around. "Hello princess. Missed me?" She nodded and placed a kiss on my cheek.

"Yeah. But uncle Lou was funny and he made me laugh and they sang for me." "They really did? Wonderful sweetie, really wonderful." I put her on the ground again.

"Say bye to uncle Louis and the rest of the lads. We have to go to the police remember" She nodded slightly and nervously.

"I still remember daddy. Goodbye uncle Lili. I loved it last night" Liam laughed and kissed her cheek playfully. "Me too babygirl. Lets do it again any time soon okay?" she nodded and jumped in Louis' arms.
"Uncle Louis! Please can I stay with you? I do not want to leave..." At first I thought she was just making a joke till I saw her shoulders shocking and her face hiding in the crook of Louis' neck.

She really didn't wanted to go, she really was scared for this and I had to make her do this. I felt bad...

"Baby" Louis held her face in his hand. "Lolo please listen to me" she looked at him and he stroke her cheek.
"I know you're scared and I know you don't want this but you have to be a very brave girl and do this" "Daddy?" She turned her head to me and I wipe a tear away.

"What princess?" seeing her like that breaks my heart in a million pieces.
"Do I really have to daddy?" does she? Yes she has to do this...

"I am sorry baby but you have to. You don't have to see him just have to talk to some people who are really nice to you" she sniffs and Louis gave her a quick kiss on her forehead and I pick her up.

"We'll see you later Lolo. Just be calm and answer the question they ask. We love you" she nodded and I walk her outside to the car.

"Please stop crying baby. I know you are scared and I know that you are afraid if him and that you probably won't believe me when I say this but he'll never be able to get to you ever again. If you answer them they'll lock him up and I make sure he'll never get out of there. They'll believe you, if they don't I am going to make a scene till they do believe. I promise, you have to believe me" I saw in her eyes that she didn't believed me and I couldn't give her wrong.

"Good girl. Now wipe the tears away and when we get out of there again you don't have to worry about it ever again. You can do it and I'll be with you all the time okay?" 
"Okay daddy. I'm sorry..." And I started the car, driving to the police station.


"Right. Here we are baby. You can trust them and after this we go buy an ice cream to finish this. Are you okay with that?" Her face lit up by the word ice cream. Just a little bit but now she kind of had something to look forward to.

"Good girl, I am so proud of ya. You are a very brave princess and I love you" I lifted her up and quickly walked into the police office.

Why weren't there any directioners? Not that I minded, I was glad that I could keep Lauren away from it but I was prepared that there would be at least one or two screaming girls who followed me to here.

"Hello!" a blonde haired girl smiled at me and Lauren and shook my hand, which was difficult since my arm was supporting Lauren, and preventing her from running away.

"You are just in time!" Was this a female Louis? Seriously she was just as busy and bubbling. "I am Krystal and you must be Lauren am I right? You are so pretty, I wish I had hair just like you" Lauren hid her face in the crook of my neck and I smiled at Krystal.

"I'm sorry for her... She's just scared of... Of this?" Krystal nodded understanding and continued. "That doesn't matter. It's not that big of a deal. We have so many charges against him, that are proved, so if she just says what it was like there it's fine" If they had evidence why had Lauren had to come back?

"Lauren, why don't you come with me and I'll show you where we are going. Your daddy can come with you if you want that. Don't be worried because you're safe now" Lauren was still refusing to look at the lady and I started to feel a bit awkward, holding the nearly crying girl in my arms.

"Can you please give us a second? I'll ask where we have to go after that. I'm really sorry for how she acts" Krystal nodded and turned around, walking through the hallway, around the corner till I couldn't see her anymore.

"Lauren Emma Horan. Now you have to listen to me" my stern voice made her look up at me. 
"You are a big girl, so act like a big girl okay? That lady is very nice and all you do it hiding yourself. They can't help you this way understand..." she swallows, not used to my stern voice because I never used it to her before.

"I'm sorry daddy, I'm just scared that he-he' I hold her chin and make her look at me. 
"Don't be because he can't do this again if you just answer the questions the nice lady asks you okay. You are a big girl and I know you can do this" she nodded, still unsure and little but she wasn't fighting agains my grip anymore.

"I'm sorry it took this long miss. She's ready for it right?" Lauren nodded and looked at the lady, Krystal.

"It's alright sweetheart, I know it's scary but you don't have to fear me. I am going to help you and your daddy in this. Why don't you sit down next to me and we'll get your daddy that far to get us some drinks? I want to know everything about you" Lauren frightently looks at me and back at the lady. Obviously not wanting me ro leave.

"Like you hair, it's so pretty. Did your daddy made that beautiful braid?" what the fuck was she doing? I thought this was about Dra... I already get it!

"Thank you miss. My uncle made it for me. He said he use to do it with his sisters when they're around." Lauren is still shy, but now she thinks that this isn't about Drake she seemed to relax a bit and answered the question for the lady.

"You can just call me Krystal. And what's your uncle's name?" She's just trying to give Lauren a save feeling before she started questioning her about 'it'. 
"His name is Louis, he's funny and busy and I like it when he sings for me" Lauren was completely into this woman and she writes every single word down.


"And can I ask you a question, more like a task? Can you do that for me?" "Yes, I think I can" Krystal laughed and handed Lauren a piece of paper and a pencil.

"Can you make your daddy give his autograph for my daughter please? She's a huge fan of One Direction and if I get her an autograph... I would be her superhero for like the rest of the year" I laughed and nodded my head when Lauren turned her head to me.

"Sure I can love. What's her name?" she laughed shyly "Her name is Bailey, Bailey McCoy. Thank you so so much boy"

I waved it away, it's always nice to do something for the fans without Management looking over my shoulder, saying that I have to stop following people because I have reached my weekly or monthly aim.

I don't complain much about management, they make everything happen for us and we're grateful for that but... 
They control our twitter, our facebook, our personal lives. That kind of sucks


"So what do you still know from him... Like why he took you away from your daddy, did her hurt you?" I trailed off again but refound my focus when Krystal asked that question to Lauren.

"I-I don't know... He said that I was a bad girl because daddy knew and that I deserved punishment. He slapped me and- and- and" she was hyperventilating and I had to rub her back to comfort her again.

"Calm down Lauren, take a deep breath and close your eyes. I know this is hard but I want you to close your eyes and think of it again. Say everything you see or think. Every detail can be used in our hands if you tell us" Like serious? She wants her to seriously get back to those moments? I do NOT want to hear what that asshole did to my baby and how scared she was of him!

"Daddy, do I really have to?" I wanted to say no and walk away but I couldn't. Lauren had to confess so he could be locked up forever. Her being brave for a couple minutes could save so many innocent children, she could stop this, she had to stop this.

"Yes you have to. I am here and you are gonna tell everything you see. After that it'll stop okay?" she nodded and closed her eyes, I did the same. Trying to block every word Lauren says about those terrible two months. It's hard for her to explain because she just doesn't understand what he had done to her... She's just six years old, nobody should know things like this.

"And he kept saying that I was his bitch and that I was his' and that I had to stop screaming but I want daddy back" her voice if full of tears but she kept herself strong. Finally she nodded at me, the sign that Lauren can stop, that she had heard enough.

"Good girl. Look at me please. You are really brave and with this you prevented this from happening to other children. You've done this amazingly and you should be proud at yourself okay? Gime a hug" Krystal opened her arms and Lauren hugged her tight.

"And now, you can go home with your daddy again okay. I'll walk with you and give a gift because you did it so well. Do you come?" Lauren nodded and walked with Krystal out of the door, when I wanted to follow I got help up by a man.

"Trail is in two weeks" "What! No, she isn't going there. I told her she doesn't have to see him ever again, I can't keep not keeping my promises to her. You have had what you wanted and now it's time for her to forget about this!" he shook his head and held my shoulders.

"Mister Horan, I know this is a very emotional case for you but she has to. The judges won't be impresses by the audio record we have. It's no usable evidence because it can be changed in words. She has to say it once again there" "No, she can't do that. Let the judges come to my house and ask her, let them come now or let them take enough with that audio record you have. That's what I am saying" and I left, suck it up. I'm not letting Lauren keep reliving this. 

Never she has to think about his again, never in a million years.



It's my bithday! I'm finally 16 years old and I'm so happy about it! Xx SummerxLover! 

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