Profile Page Design


1. Design

   My Design

   My design is simple but effective.  I have used the general layout and website colours of the original profile page, but adjusted some of the features so that the site is not only easier to use but also saves the need to scroll up and down to see what is on the profile. Working from the top down, you can see that the page now has a blue background and this can be any picture or image the the user wants, this is also the case with the picture banner next to the profile picture. These mean that the page is different for each user and makes their page more recognisable to other users.

  The next new feature is the matching name label and tag line. I could see from looking at some other peoples profiles that they were using a tag line in their 'about me' section and though this would be a better place for it. This bar also lets other users looking at your profile know that you are online (this is on the far right).

   Below the tag line I have designed the page so that the user doesn't need to scroll up and down to see the persons About Me, Movellas, Mumbles and Favourites. Instead I have made each of the sections a tab which will bring up the desired section when clicked on. Not only this but I have also added a 'Competitions' section which will allow user to see which competitions the person has entered and  which they have won. Although I have not shown it in my design I would make the movellas so that they can be dragged and dropped into any order and not just having the most recent first. This means that the user could have their best Movella first and this would make it easier for other people to find it.

    On the right hand side of the page I have rearranged the Information and Fan sections to make way for something new. This new box is titled with the persons name followed by ellipsis. The box has different headings in it that allows the person to say how they are feeling, what they are currently reading, recommend reading, and Movella they recommend reading. Under this box is the original information section, but with some new headings such as, Most liked Movella, Favourite Book and Favourite Music. This is another way of making the page personal to the user.

  Under that box is the new layout for the the Fan Section. I have kept the original Fans and Fans of, but added a new tab that shows who is online at that time. This means that the user can see who is online to talk to and message. Another feature that I have added is the message button found under the fans that are online. This button is used for private messaging between two or more people and when clicked on a window will pop up with the text box for writing the message. This means that friends and users can message each other without everybody else using the site seeing it.  However, you would still be able to flag messages and the admins on the site would be able to view these messages in order to keep the site a safe and friendly place.  (There is an image below showing the messaging pop up and button).


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