Lost in love

14 year old Holly needs to run away from her depressing life. In her process she meets a boy called Joey, can he change her life forever ?


2. What starts it

Holly's pov:

why does it always happen to me ? I never did anything wrong to that horrid girl, and she decides to treat me like shit. The rain started pouring down so I pulled my hood up and ran to the nearest shop, which to my luck was where my Mum meets her friends. "Hey Mum it's raining outside so I deci.." "Who the fuck do you think you are?!" She glared at me, waiting for an answer. "Er, well it's raining so I.." "No shit." And as soon as she said that she bought out a fist and whacked it around my nose, my hand flung to my face as tears and blood appeared. "I have had enough." I ran out of the shop and all the way to my house barging through the front door with no care anymore. I pounded upstairs, I to my bedroom and examined my bloody nose "definitely broken" I muttered to myself. I grabbed a bag and packed some clothes in, my hairbrush, toothbrush and some extra stuff. I ran downstairs and nicked Dad's credit card off the worktop, he would understand once he had sobered up. I gave him a kiss and left the house immediately. No turning back, I thought.

luke's pov:

i was wandering round the streets when I saw Holly turn the corner, I quickly chased after her so I could finally say sorry "Holly, wait please we need to talk.!" She spun around with a bandage on her nose, and tear stained eyes. "Holly, who did this to you?" She looked slightly scared and backed away "oh nobody, thanks for being... Nice" she turned around and ran to the train station and she looked back and waved before climbing on.


holly's pov:

So excited I'm leaving this place, I'll never have to see any of them again. "Ticket ma'm?" I looked up at the man who had no interest in any excuses "Can I buy one please?" "Don't take cash" she smirked, thinking I wouldn't be able to pay. "Sure, take card?" I looked at him with the exact same expression he gave me. "Uh sure" I paid my ticket and was off. 



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