Lost in love

14 year old Holly needs to run away from her depressing life. In her process she meets a boy called Joey, can he change her life forever ?


4. Secrets spill

Holly's pov: 

after being at the cafe with Joey, I got his number so I could keep in touch and we have been meeting up quite a lot now, which is a good thing. But after today I don't think I could ever face him again. Well I suppose I should explain why. Joey and I were in the woods, mucking around as usual, but today Joey seemed extra nice to me, so I decided to tell him a bit more about me. We sat down on a tree stump and just let the nature soak through us for a bit and then he asked about my old life. I explained that I weren't that popular as school and I only had one nice person called Luke, and he seemed really angry with the people that didn't bother being nice to me. After I had said all that I felt like I could tell everything, so I told him that he couldn't judge me and we even pinky promised, so I told him about my Mum beating me. His reaction was unexplainable but I understood very well. He obviously didn't want anything to do with me after that because he stood up and sprinted out of my sight. 


Joey's pov:

I cant believe I left her, she hates me now. I didn't know how to react so I decided not to show my feelings, so I ran away and started crying. I should've stayed with her, but I don't honk I can face her ever again, after what I did to her. But what I did was a mistake I can't take back. I pulled out a razor and glided my finger across the cold, sharp blade, placing it on my wrist. But then I thought, the reason of this? I should apologise not blame myself for eternity.


Holly's pov:

Once Joey didn't come back for 20 minutes I decided he had left and didn't want to see me, so I ran to my hotel crying, and ran into the bat broom. I took a long old stare at what a mess I was and  picked up my makeup bag and got out my eye pencil sharpener, I slides the blade out of it, and lifted it into the light, taking in every detail of my murderer.

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