Lost in love

14 year old Holly needs to run away from her depressing life. In her process she meets a boy called Joey, can he change her life forever ?


1. Running away

Holly's pov: 

It's never going to stop, Mum always shouting and Dad always getting drunk, I hate it. And luckily enough for me, it starts all before my end of year exams, but to be honest they are the least of my worries. Sorry about the rant, I'm Holly Anderson, I'm 14 years old, I have hazel eyes and mid length brown hair, I'm average height for my age and I'm not rich like others at my school. I don't have many friends at school, they all turned on me in year 9. But that's another story so I won't get started on that. 

Holly's pov:

"Oi Holly get your fat arse down here!" I jump up, dragging on my dreaded school uniform and rush downstairs pulling the knots of my hair like a frantic octopus. "Here is your lunch, now leave before you are late. Again." I looked at her with hopeful eyes, hoping she wouldn't hit me "what are you looking at?! I said go!!" She screamed, so I grabbed my bag and scrambled out the door before anything else could happen.

Luke's pov:

As soon as Holly walked in the class my girlfriend had already started on her. "Hey Holly, did you loose your hairbrush?" Holly looked at her with anxious eyes "no, wh..hy?" She slowly stuttered scared that she would get hurt again. "Your hair needs a brush it's all knotty, you fat slut." I looked at my girlfriend with blank eyes "she never does anything wrong, why do you pick on her?" As soon as the words were out my mouth, her head whipped round whilst she looked at me with cold eyes "She doesn't deserve friends, and I know stuff that she done, she is quite a slag but I don't tell because I'm nice like that." I nodded and got off my seat ready to apologise to Holly, but I got pulled down into my seat. "Where's my kiss?" And before I could say anything she pressed her lips against mine, her tongue asking for entrance but I just pulled away, and walked straight to science. 




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