Lost in love

14 year old Holly needs to run away from her depressing life. In her process she meets a boy called Joey, can he change her life forever ?


3. Arriving at a new home

Joey's pov:

As I stood against the wall watching everyone pile out of the train, giving them a nod because I knew them all. Then this girl I had never seen before stepped down, she was beautiful. She had brown hair flowing in the wind and the prettiest face. I suddenly came back to reality and she had noticed me staring and started to walk over "Hi, I'm Holly! Do you know where the nearest cafè is from here?" She asked in the most angelic voice ever "Sure, I'll walk you there, oh and I'm Joey by the way." And started to make conversation with her.

Holly's pov: 

As soon as I stepped off that train my spirit lightened, knowing that I'd done the right thing. I looked around squinting at the blinding sunlight, then I saw someone looking at me. I turned my head and caught his eye, and he looked away looking slightly embarrased. I walked over to him and politely asked where the nearest cafe was, and he insisted on taking me there. 

Holly's pov:

as we were talking I realised how dreamy his eyes were and how much we had in common, it felt like I had fell in love with some random boy. But he kept on asking about my life and I kept on changing the subject, I meaning had just met the boy of my dreams I wasn't going to let him know I got beat up everywhere I went!


joey's pov:

i really liked her I felt connected with her, but she wouldn't tell me anything about her life or family, which is probably just shyness, but I definitely saw something different about her. Something special, like she was buzzing to tell me stuff, but she couldn't because we had only just met, which I totally understood. 


Authors note:

sorry for a crap chapter but I ain't that good at writing long chapters so they are all gonna be quite short but there will be quite a lot of them, thank you for reading guys ilysm💕

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