Harry Potter's Adventures With Albus Dumbledore (Book One)

Harry Potter, also known as the boy who lived, is learning from Hogwarts School Of Witch craft And Wizardry. Albus Dumbledore, the greatest wizard in the world, is teaching Harry The Importants of life, and all the information he will need to kill the Dark Lord.
This book is told through the eyes of Albus Dumbledore


4. Sorting Hat

One week after Dumbledore received Hagrid's letter, term had started. Dumbledore had been informed by his own portrait that Harry was on train.

Dumbledore thought Harry would be confused, not, however happy and excited.  All of a sudden there was a  knock at the door.

"Come in" Dumbledore said loudly.

It was Professor McGonagall. She looked a bit upset.

"Is it true?" she asked Dumbledore.

"I'm sorry? I don't quite understand what your talking about." said Dumbledore.

She sat down.

"Is it true you are going to tell Harry why You-Know-Who tried to kill Harry?" she asked.

"My dear Professor, if  Voledemort had tried to kill you, wouldn't you want to find out why, and how you survived. Let alone that but there is only one reason why Voldemort wanted to kill Harry, and we both know that it was because Voldemort knew about the Prophecy." Dumbledore said calmly.

Professor McGonagall was about to respond when there was another knock at the door.

"Come in" Dumbledore said.

Hagrid came in and spotted Professor McGonagall then said "Oh I didn't know yer were busy, I'll wait untill yer done sir." and he left.

Professor McGonagall looked at Dumbledore and said "Yes I would want to know, but him being all excited, about what he is, and all that has happened in his past. Can't you see, how important it is, you should wait untill later when he is old enough, perhaps even after You-Know-Who comes?"

Dumbledore looked at her with a curious look, and then said "You came here for a different reason didn't you?"

She trembled a bit, and she found the courage to look him in the eyes, and she said in a shakey voice, "Severous told me, he told me, that You-Know-Who is sharing a body with someone who is here at the school, and that they know alot about the stone. He just won't tell me Dumbledore, so I came to ask you."

Dumbeldore looked at her and said simply, "Minerva I can't just tell you, and besides I haven't heard anything on this subject and we best be going i can see the carriages."

He looked out the window as he talked.




Dumbledore was in the Great hall, it was loud as they waited for the First Years to be sorted. He sat and watched Harry walk through the doorss with the other children. When harry was called, everyone looked at him curisouly as he sat on the stool. Dumbledore waited, for what seemed like a minute then the sorting hat called out "GRYFFINDOR".

Dumbledore sat back in his seat, he looked relieved, he had been worried Harry would be put in Slytherin.

When the sorting Ceremony had finished, Dumbledore stood up and with arms spread wide he said in a deep calming voice, "Nitwit, Blubber, Tweak" and sat back down when everyone clapped  Food had suddenly appeared on the many plates that were on the five tables. Everyone broke out into talk, Professor McGonagall turned to Dumbeldore and they resumed their topic of guarding of the stone. Dumbeldore said to her "I will assure you Minerva, the stone is very well protected, no one will possible be able to take it. I am sure that with my last addition to the stages it will be too well protected".

Professor McGonagall looked towards Harry who jumped back and clapped his hand over his scar, curiously she looked in the direction he was looking and saw Severous Snape, and Quirrell. She curiously thought what just happend. Dumbledore was looking curiously at Harry, Snape, and Quirrell, he knew something dark just happened.

At last the feast had finished, and Dumbledore got to his feet and spread his arms wide again and boomed in aa loud clear voice, "Welcome to another year to Hogwarts, I trust your summer was well." he looked around the hall as he spoke.

Then he said "I have a few rules now that we are all full, and well fed, note to first years, the Dark Forest is out of bounds to all students. Mr. Filch has also asked me to mention, no magic shall be used between classes. And finally, this year the third floor corridor is out of bounds to any of thoses who don't wish to die a very painfull death.






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