Harry Potter's Adventures With Albus Dumbledore (Book One)

Harry Potter, also known as the boy who lived, is learning from Hogwarts School Of Witch craft And Wizardry. Albus Dumbledore, the greatest wizard in the world, is teaching Harry The Importants of life, and all the information he will need to kill the Dark Lord.
This book is told through the eyes of Albus Dumbledore


3. Sending Hagrid To Harry

It had been nearly ten years after Hagrid asked Dumbledore to bring Harry Potter his letter. Harry Potter would be turning eleven within the next month. He needed Hagrid to begin the process of trying to give harry his letter. However the Dursley's posed a problem thought Dumbledore.

Dumbledore knew that the Dursley's wouldn't allow Harry to open his letter. They wouldn't want him to know what he is.

So Dumbledore set off and started to walk down to Hagrid's hut. When he reached the door he knocked three times. There was no answer.

"Yes I forgot" Mumbled Dumbledore "He's out in the Forest." So Dumbledore waved his wand and a note appeared on both his door's saying:


Stopped by earlier and I noticed you weren't here, so come and see me in my study.


Professor Dumbledore"

Dumbledore turned around, and headed back to the castle, he knew Hagrid wouldn't come until later, so he might as well get to the Ministry of Magic to explain a couple of things.

He disappeared.




Dumbledore appeared not a second later at the Ministry of Magic, and in front of him stood the Minister for Magic himself. Instead of Dumbledore bowing to him in greeting Cornelius Fudge (The Minister). He stood up, and shook Dumbledore's hand, and they proceed to his office.

When they arrived they sat down and Dumbledore asked "I thought I ought to come to you because of a specific question regarding Mr. Harry Potter." Dumbledore paused, Then continued, "I was wanting to know you opinion on whether or no I should tell Harry, why Voldemort wanted to murder him as a child."

Cornelius flinched at the mention of "Voldemort", and replied heavily, "Ah but Dumbledore, he is only a boy, you see you shouldn't tell a boy, unless you feel he is ready. Does he even know hes a wizard?"

Just when Dumbledore said "No" and owl swooped into the open window, it had a letter, a letter addressed to Dumbledore.

Dumbledore stood up and said "Sorry Cornelius, but i need to talk to Hagrid, I must go." and he disappeared with a 'Pop'.

He was back in his study, Hagrid stood infront of him eagerly. He knew this was going to happen.

Dumbledore had to talk to Hagrid about the Philosopher's stone, Hagrid had to pick it up when he went to Gringots with Harry. Dumbledore trusted Hagrid, therefore giving him Careful Instructions. Hagrid left.

Dumbledore turned and saw the portraits all looking at him curiously, he faced them and said "What?"

They shook their heads, they didn't think Hagrid could handle a secret mission to retrieve probably the most powerful object in the world, and most dangerous.

He said "I would trust Hagrid with my life, If Hagrid wasn't responsible I wouldn't have given him the job, do not judge my judgement."

And after saying this the portraits returned to what they usually do.

Dumbledore sat down at his desk, he needed Hagrid to hurry, he had a feeling someone already knew where the stone is.




One week later, Dumbledore was in his study (pacing) and he stopped and looked around when he heard an owl. The letter was from Hagrid. Harry had finally read his letter. Dumbledore was fairly happy now. He knew he could trust Hagrid.

The letter said:

"Professor Dumbledore,

Gave Harry his letter, taking him to get his things tomorrow.

Hope your alright, weather's bad here.


Dumbledore seemed satisfied.

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