Harry Potter's Adventures With Albus Dumbledore (Book One)

Harry Potter, also known as the boy who lived, is learning from Hogwarts School Of Witch craft And Wizardry. Albus Dumbledore, the greatest wizard in the world, is teaching Harry The Importants of life, and all the information he will need to kill the Dark Lord.
This book is told through the eyes of Albus Dumbledore


2. Hogwarts

Dumbledore apeared at Hogwarts with a 'Pop' not a second later.

He looked around, he was back in his study, the portriats were all asleep in their frames.

Hogwarts, was Dumbledore's favorite place. Hogwarts is a castle, a castle of Magic. Moving staircases, talking portraits, hidden passageways, and the towers. He was asked to take the role of Minister for Magic, yet he loved Hogwarts so much that he never wanted to leave.

He looked to his left and his pet Phoenix (Fawkes) was sleeping with his head under his wing, Dumbledore chuckled softly, thinking he himself should go to bed. Yet he had some important things to do first, he was really worried about Harry, yet he knew that Harry would be safe, so with that last comforting thought Dumbledore set off to fetch his bed.




Dumbledore awoke, the next morning. He was wondering if his plan had worked, so he called upon Mrs. Figg, who was a squib. She sad harry wasn't on their doorstep, and she saw Petunia Dursley pick him up and bring him inside.

Dumbledore was satisfied, he thanked Mrs. Figg and set off down to had breakfast in the Great Hall. He could smell bacon, eggs, sausages, toast, and a hint of hot Cocoa.

He thought to himself as he looked around the hall, term is going to be starting soon, he would have yet another great year.



It wasn't untill later when Dumbledore realized, that his friend Nicolis Flamel still had the Philosipher's stone. When he realized this he had yet another great concern. Voldemort wasn't entirely dead, he survived, and accorrding to hissource he was hidding the a forest, a spirt. If he shared a body with another person, then told that person the seek the stone, Dumbledore shuddered.

He would have to hide the stone, in a place where no one knows where it is. So that if that did ever happen, the stone would be well protected and gaurded. He thought he ought to bring this up to Nicolis, but decided that Voldemort was no were near getting the stone.


He walked up to his chair at the high table, he looked around as he heard footsteps,and greeted Hagrid upon his arrival. Hagrid was ruffled, he asked when he could see Harry again.

Dumbledore replied "It shall be a while Hagrid, he's only a baby."

Hagrid looked at him and asked, "can I deliver Harry his letter Dumbledore sir?"

Dumbledore looked at him and replied softly "Hagrid i would be more then happy to assign that job to you."

Hagrid beamed.

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