A Thirst For Secrets

Mackenzie and Eliza are best friends, almost sisters. They've known each other since they were in preschool and they know everything about each other. Well almost everything. Eliza has been keeping a huge secret from Mackenzie. You see Eliza is a vampire and every time she tells someone that person freaks out and runs away from her. So she fakes her death and has a witch turn her back into a baby so she can forget. But one day Mackenzie sees Eliza feeding. Will she run away or stay with her and help her ?


Sorry I’m no good with summaries the story will be better I promise.

P.S. I have no idea why I like writing about secrets so much. * le shrug * oh well.


1. Chapter 1



Mackenzie’s P.O.V


“ Mack wake up. “ I hear Eliza say. “ Mack wake up we’re going to be late. “


I cover my face with the covers trying to block her out, when all of a sudden i feel something heavy fall on me and then something cold seeping through my blankets. To say I’m pissed off is an understatement. I am beyond pissed off right now. I sit up quickly and notice that she’s not in the room. I lay back down on my wet bed to just think for a minute and clear my mind.


“ Mackenzie Olivia Matthews I swear if you’re still in you bed I will go up there and drag you out of it. “ I hear Eliza warning me and I quickly get out of bed and into the bathroom.


I take a quick shower and get dressed in the school uniform, which is disgusting. A cream colored skirt with a white button up shirt and a royal blue blazer. I go downstairs and see that Eliza still isn’t in her uniform yet and I start rushing her.


“ Why did you wake me up when YOU’RE still not ready yet ?? “ I ask her pushing her toward the stairs.


“ Because it’s Saturday and also you’re birthday. “ she answers back turning around.


“ Ugh. You do this every year. “ I complain, throwing my backpack on the couch.


You see my birthday is February 1 and the week of and before that our school gives us a small ‘ break ‘. But I hate keeping track of the days so I let Eliza do it for me.


“ How many times do i have to tell you ? Don’t wake me up so early on break Elsie ! You know I hate waking up period. “ I yell at her.


“ Mack. “ She laughs a little. “ It’s 4 in the afternoon. I wouldn't have woken you up if I didn't get a phone call from Max saying that you know who is coming to your surprise birthday party. “ She practically shrieks out the last part.


“ How is it a surprise ? You just told me about it. “ I ask her


“ It’s a surprise party because we were just gonna let you sleep all day but he asked about it and then Max said that we’re throwing you one so SURPRISE ! “ she explains.


“ That made no sense yet I know exactly what you mean. “ I tell her while taking off my blazer.


“ So what do you want for breakfast ? “ She asks me.


You. “ Chocolate chip pancakes “ I say pushing away the thought. It’s been a while since I last fed but I can’t tell her that I’m a monster. If I tell her she’s going to run away from me, and I’ll have to go back to hiding.




“ Max how’d you get the club owner to let you throw a party in here ? “ I ask my best guy friend threw the loud music.


“ My boyfriend’s uncle owns the place. “ He tells me.


“ So where is this mysterious boyfriend of yours ? “ I say.


“ Right there. “ He points to the coming toward us with some drinks.


“ Who him or the guy standing behind him ? “ I ask in disbelief.


“ Yup that’s him. Why are you so surprised ? “ he asks.


“ I’m not. I just want to know where the factory that made him is. “ I tell him.


“ I think they only have him in ‘ gay ‘ “ he jokes, and we both laugh.


“ Hey I’m David, Max’s boyfriend. And you are ? “ David introduces himself while handing Max his drink.


“ I’m Max’s best friend and the birthday girl. “ I tell him.


“ Nice to meet you and happy birthday Mack. “ He says and hugs me.


“ Well I’m going to find Elsie and make sure she doesn’t do anything bad. “ I say and start walking away.


I look for Elsie but I can’t find her anywhere. I check the bathroom and on the dance floor but she’s no where to be found and I start freaking out. I call her phone but she doesn’t answer and I decide to look outside. I find an ally and check in there when suddenly I’m on the ground with someone on top of me.


“ You’re really pretty. “ I hear the stranger say.


“ And you’re really drunk. Get off me. “ I tell him trying to break free.


“ Not until I make you mine. “ He says with a tone of voice that suggest nothing good.


He starts forcefully kissing down my neck and then I do something I regret. I vamp out on him and end up killing him because I couldn't control my hunger. But that's not the part I regret. I look to where I came in from and see Eliza there.


“ Mack did you just -- Did you kill him ? “ She asks me, terrified.


“ Elsie I can explain. “ I wait for her to run away or scream or both but she doesn't. “ Don’t freak out but I’m a vampire. “ I tell her slowly. “ And I haven’t fed in a few days so I couldn't control my hunger, but he was a bad person. He tried to-- “ I get cut off by her running towards me.


She hugs me and says “ You could have told me dummy. I’m your best friend that’s what I’m here for. “


I start crying and hold her tighter. “ I thought I was gonna lose you Elsie. Just like I did with everybody else. “ I tell her.


“ Mack, We've been through so much together. “ She starts. “ And with what I've been through I can’t afford to lose somebody else. No matter what we are sisters from another mister and that’s never going to change. “ she says.


“ No let’s get you cleaned up and back into that party because he’s here. “ She says pulling me back into the club and into the bathroom.




Sorry it's not a very well chapter. My life is kinda suckish and so yeah.

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