Help me harry

A girl called Laila get the changes to meet Harry styles. But her boyfriend dose not seem to like that idea. So he when he done some thing he shouldn't she run. And the only place she knew she could go to was the one and only Harry styles ......


1. the run away

"Laila get here now " My boyfriend said

"Yeah?" I said sacredly thinking if he found out that I went to go see Harry styles.

"We're did you go last night" he said grabbing me up the wall .

"Becky's like I told you last night please don't hurt me "

"Don't lie to me " he said in my face then kicking me in the belly

"Jake your hurting me stop " I said tears flowing done my face like a waterfall !

"Ok I'll stop but let this be a lesson to you do any thing wrong a seconded time I'll do more then kick you "

"Ok ok just let me go " I cried while he had he's hands around my neck. And he did so dropped to the floor and stayed for a bit and then i ran to my bedroom and then and got some money and cloths then ran out my room though the living room and out the door I could him shout " Laila you better get back here right now or I'll make you do some thing you wouldn't dare to dream of doing " But that just made me run more. I found this park . It looked like no one was in there . So I just found a hill with a tree on it I slept under the tree for the night ....

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