Help me harry

A girl called Laila get the changes to meet Harry styles. But her boyfriend dose not seem to like that idea. So he when he done some thing he shouldn't she run. And the only place she knew she could go to was the one and only Harry styles ......


6. the next day

I woke up to the sound of some going down to the living room . Then turned around remembering that I was in Harry's bed so I jumped up and as I did Harry woke up (boy did he look sexy in the Morning ) . "Morning beautiful "he said with the most biggest smilie . "Morning to you too but I need to go I think your mums up " I said looking down at him . "So she has to find out some time " he said with a cheeky look in his eye . " yes but not like this so bye sexy " I said leaving the room and opening my door and walking in . "Why was u in Harry's room last night " I turned around and saw Becky setting on my bed . " I'm well it's a long story and I will tell you but I need to go and do some thing first "I said turning around and running out door and locking it behind me . "Laila .. Laila open this door now LAILA " Becky Said while I was running down the stairs finding my self bumping into Anne . " woooo slow down trigger why such a rush " she said looking me with a knife in her hand from cutting fruit for her pancakes . "Ohh sorry me and Becky are ..... Are playing a game !"I said as quickly as I could . And she turned back to her cutting and got my jacket and told I have to go do some thing and I'll back at around 12:00-12:30 and left .

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