Help me harry

A girl called Laila get the changes to meet Harry styles. But her boyfriend dose not seem to like that idea. So he when he done some thing he shouldn't she run. And the only place she knew she could go to was the one and only Harry styles ......


2. the meeting

I woke up with leaves in my hair . I got up and toke the leaves out of my hair and picked up my bag . When I got to exits I saw a lot of people coming this way so I ran the other way . I know by then I had to find some were to sleep out night ( oh and eat and drink ) . So at that I could think of any one all my friends are gone with they family some were . So I had now on one in my life . I was on my own . But as it happened I seemed to have Harry styles phone number ( that he give me when meat him ) . So I called it and someone picked up :

Harry: hello?

Laila: hi is this Harry ?

Harry: yes who is this ?

Laila: it's me Laila from last night ?

Harry: oh hello Laila what's up

Laila: can I ask you some thing?

Harry: yeah sure

Laila: can stay at your house for a little bit ?

Harry: sure were are you and I'll come get you

Laila: I'm in this park by a pub

Harry: ok I'm coming to get you stay there

Laila : ok thank

Phone go's off.

I stayed there for about one hour before Harry came .

"Thank you Harry " I said

"It's ok . But are you ok " he said with a soft voice . I looked at the floor. And Harry started to rub my back so I looked up and he had a smile on his face watch mad me melt !!!!!!!

"You can tell me" he said

" I know but I don't know how to"

"Ok you can tell me in your own time".

So we went to his and showed to my room I was going to stay in. I so happy I was here not there.

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