Help me harry

A girl called Laila get the changes to meet Harry styles. But her boyfriend dose not seem to like that idea. So he when he done some thing he shouldn't she run. And the only place she knew she could go to was the one and only Harry styles ......


3. the confession

I woke up to the sound of a knock on the door. It was Harry. He put his head in .

"Mourning sleepy head " he said with a cheeky smile on his faces . I looked at phone and it was about 10:00 10:30 I can not believe he thought that was late . He walked in with a tray of food . " what is this for " . I said with a huge smile on my face . "I'm just trying to be nice I guess " he said with a giggle . "I know don't really what but I need know why you came here " he looked right in my eyes il looked away . "My ..... my boyfriend hurt me and ..and more" I started crying and Harry came hugged me. I felt safe in his arms. Then he kissed me on my head and I looked up at him and he had this look on his face of I'm sorry . Then he lined in and kissed me on the lips and I kissed him back . But then I pulled away . " I can't what ...what happens if my jake found out " I said looking at Harry. "Hey every thing is going to be ok . I would not like him hurt you any more trust me " . And I did I trusted him . He lined in for another kiss but this time it was on the head and he left the room . I can't even eat all I could think about was that kiss that soft and loving kiss that one that sends a shiver done your back .......

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