Help me harry

A girl called Laila get the changes to meet Harry styles. But her boyfriend dose not seem to like that idea. So he when he done some thing he shouldn't she run. And the only place she knew she could go to was the one and only Harry styles ......


4. Harry pov

I can't believe I kissed her. And can't believe she told me what she told me . She sounds so sacred but I really don't know how to make her fell better. "Harry came help you poor old mum well you " mum said . "Sure mum I'll be right there ". I when got to my mum's room I found her trying to print something off the computer . "Oh mum look press the print button." I said giggle a bit . "Oh silly me thanks son " she said pressing the button so I went back done to living room and Laila there siting and the sofa so I went over and sat right next to her . She had a sad look in her eyes . So I asked her "are you ok ". "Yeah I'm just thinking " she said with a sigh . " about what if you don't mind asking " ." Ever thing jake, my friend Becky, that kiss" she said looking at the floor . " oh my friend Becky I have to call her sorry I need to get my phone " she said really really quickly .

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