The New Girl (On Hold)

Eleanor Hastings moves away from Brighton and away from her past to the wonderful and busy city of London. What happens when she meets Jack Harries? And what happens when her past comes back to her?


4. The Secret of Kate Williamson

2 days have passed and it was Monday. Wonderful, everyone loves Mondays! (Note the sarcasm) 

Now walking to school, hearing my name being called from the back of me. "Finn?" I asked confusedly. "Hey!" He said. "What are you doing?" "Walking with you, silly." He laughed. "I know your secret, El." He grinned. I swear my heart stopped. He knows? "Y- you do?" I asked. "El, its obvious that you like Jack. Even Kate knows it." At least its better than the death of my mother. "I do not." I said. "You don't have to lie, El." He giggled. "Stop it." I said, annoyed. "Alright, I'm sorry." He said. "No, no. It's fine. I was over-reacting."

The rest of the walk was silent and once we got to school we separated; me walking to maths meeting up with Nicole and Finn walking to his physics class meeting god knows who he's meeting.

School was like last Thursday, minus the 'introduce yourself' segment. After 5 long hours of boring classes, it was finally lunch time. 45 minutes of pure joy. "Nicole, Eleanor! Over here." Kate said as she waved her hands to capture our attention. Nicole and I walked towards Kate and the 4 others; Finn, Jack, Poppy and Ryder. "How was class?" Finn asked us both. "Boring." Nicole said. "I couldn't agree more." I sighed. The others laughed, whilst Jack kept on his straight, boring but gorgeous face. What's his problem?


Lunch was over, now back to reality. Well, at least its Film and Photography, I enjoy the class. "El! You mind meeting me later after school?" Kate asked. Oh no. This must be about Jack. She probably hates me. Great. "Uh- Okay Kate. Whatever for?" I asked. "Just meet me up, okay?" She smiled. "Okay, Kate." I smiled. "Jack, you should walk to class with El. You're in the same class right?" Kate said. What? What's she playing? "Uh, okay. Come on El, we're going to be late." He said. Wow, I think that's the most he's said to me. I nodded and followed him to class. 

Almost 2 hours have passed and school was over. Time to meet up with Kate. 

I walked out of the class and to my locker. And there she was. Standing perfectly in front of my locker. "El!" She said whilst smiling. "Hey! What's up?" I asked. "Uh, can we talk in private?" Yup, she's going to kill me. "Let me just put my books in and we can go." I smiled and she nodded. 

After I was all done, we walked out of the school grounds together. "So what did you want to talk about?" I asked. "Uh, I know you like Jack." She said. "Why do people think that? I don't." I said. "El, you don't have to lie. I know the way you look at him. He likes you too, you know." She smiled. "Kate! How could you say that? That's your boyfriend!" I said. "Actually, he isn't."

"He isn't.

"What?!" I asked. "We're not dating. He's my cousin." She said. "What?!" I asked, shocked. "I have a secret..... I'm a lesbian." She said. Lesbian. Holy crap. "Let me explain. It was at the beginning of year 10, I was the girl that every guy wanted. The straight A student. The head prefect of the girls. But I was never happy with the guys I've dated. Then I met this girl from another school, and she was amazing. I was happy. It was then I realized I've developed feelings for her. I found out I'm attracted to the same gender. I told her how I felt and she turned me down and stopped talking to me. Then I met this girl called Abby, it turns out that she's a lesbian, too. We talked and we ended up dating. But then, people started to get suspicious, so I asked for help from Jack, my cousin. He agreed to pretend to date me since he's not really interested in love anyway, until you showed up. Abby knows about Jack, and she didn't mind until last Thursday she told me how she felt. She told me she wasn't important enough to me to show her off. She told me she thought I didn't love her, but I do. So last Friday, after you left, I told Jack everything and I said the fake relationship we have is over. I'm ready to come out." She said. I could tell she was holding back her tears. We stopped walking and I hugged her. 

"Wow I'm an emotional twit." She said. "No, no, no, no, no, no. You're not. You have a reason to." I smiled. "Its okay." I said. "Please don't hate me El." She said. "Kate, why on earth would I hate you?" I asked. "I just thought you wouldn't want to be friends with a lesbian." She said. "Don't be silly, Kate. I don't care what your shape, size, race or whatever." I smiled. "I trust you, El. You're a really nice friend." She smiled. "It took me a year to tell Ryder and Poppy. But I trust you." She said. "You're a great friend too, Kate." I smiled.

She smiled back. "Now El, about your crush on Jack..." She smirked. "I think he likes you." "Ugh, I doubt it. He probably hates my guts." I sighed. "El, Jack's not the type to hate. You just have to gain his trust." Kate said. "I'll try." I said.

We walked for a little more and arrived at my house. "This- this is your house?" She asked. "Yeah. Is there a problem?" I asked. "Nothing, its just beautiful. And you know, big." I laughed. "You wanna come in?" I asked. "No, thanks. I have to help my mum run some errands. I'll see you tomorrow!" She said. "See you!" I smiled. And with that, she walked away. 


From: Unknown number.

Hi. I got your number from Finn. Can we meet up later at the park? - J. Harries.






Hi! I'm sorry if the chapter's a bore but I was in a rush. Hope you liked it. xx

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