The New Girl (On Hold)

Eleanor Hastings moves away from Brighton and away from her past to the wonderful and busy city of London. What happens when she meets Jack Harries? And what happens when her past comes back to her?


3. The Party

"Eleanor, we're leaving in a matter of minutes. Are you ready yet?" Dad yelled. "Just wait dad, I'll be out in a few minutes." I replied. "Thats what you said a few minutes ago!" I rolled my eyes and sigh as I put on my little Tiffany & Co diamond stud earrings. I was wearing a black laced dress with black Christian Louboutin heels. I grabbed my purse and went downstairs.

"Finally!" Dad said. "Now come on, we're late!" "Alright alright, lets go." I said. Both of us walked out of the house and hopped in my dad's Porsche. It was a short drive to the Harries' residence.

"Well would you look it here, Rebecca! William's here!" The person at the door whom I presume is Andy Harries, dad's old friend. "Its great seeing you again, Andy. This is my daughter, Eleanor." Dad said. "Hello." I smiled. "Hello William!" A lady said. "Rebecca! This is Eleanor." Dad introduced, once more. "Its nice meeting you, Mr and Mrs Harries." I smiled. "Oh please, call Andy, and call her Rebecca." I giggled at what Andy just said. "Come on in!" The both said together, in unison, creepy.

Dad and other elderlies were "Partying" whilst I, sit on the Harries' leather sofa in their living room with a glass of sparkling water. (A/N: Eleanor's 17.)

"Eleanor?" I heard someone say. Turned my head around and saw Finn. Or Jack. But since he's talking to me it must be Finn. I smiled and said "Hey Finn." "What are you doing all alone here? If I knew you were coming, I'd ask you to sit with me and Jack." I sighed. "Yeah, as if Jack'd want that. He probably hates my guts." "I don't think he does. He just has a problem with trusting people. Come on, Kate's here too. They're in the other room." He said. I nodded and followed he to where he was taking me.

"Guys! Eleanor's here!" Finn said. "Hi El!" Kate smiled. "Hey!" I said. Kate was sitting across Jack, they didn't look much like couples. Strange. "Who are you here with?" Jack asked. Again, bluntly. As if he didn't want me to be here. "My dad." I said. "Your dad only? What about your mum?" He asked again, confusion written all over his face. Why's he being so nosy?

"What about your mum?" Mum.

"She couldn't make it." That's because she didn't. My mum was suffering through breast cancer when I was 13 and she didn't make it.

"Right. What do you want to do, El? The old people are pretty boring if you ask me." Kate said. "I couldn't agree more." I chuckled. "Want a drink?" Finn said, holding a beer bottle. "I don't drink, I'm 17." "Come on, just a little won't hurt, El." Kate said. "No thanks." I smiled. "Suit yourself." Finn said, chugging on the bottle of beer. Is he like an alcoholic or something?

I look around the room and saw a piano, a vintage looking one. I like vintage. "You play the piano?" I asked the twins. "We don't. Our little sister Emmy does though." Said Finn. "May I?" I asked. "Go for it."

I walked towards the piano and pressed on the keys to my favourite song. It was Terrible Things by Mayday Parade. I just love that song. Yes, its slow but it has meaningful lyrics to it, plus I love the piano music in the song.

"Wow, you're- you're amazing!" Said Kate. "Thanks." I smiled. "But it was nothing." "Nothing? It was wonderful! Right Jack?" Finn said. "Yeah, right." Again, Jack said sounding like he didn't mean it.

The night went on until 12:03, when dad decided to go home. Thank god tomorrow's a Saturday; or else I'd be asleep throughout school.

"Thanks for having us, Andy, Rebecca." Dad said. "Its nothing really, all of us needed to catch up anyway." Rebecca said. "Goodnight." I smiled at them, and also Finn, Jack, Kate and Emmy. "Night. Drive safe!" Andy said. Dad nodded and we both went home.


Boring chapter, I know. I'm sorrrrrry :x

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