The New Girl (On Hold)

Eleanor Hastings moves away from Brighton and away from her past to the wonderful and busy city of London. What happens when she meets Jack Harries? And what happens when her past comes back to her?


1. The First Day

Today's the day.

My first day at a new school. I'm not really looking forward to today. I'm scared, I mean, who wouldn't be?


Hearing my alarm go off isn't really helping. And yes, I am up before my 6:30. I pressed the 'snooze' button and got up and got a shower.

After I was all dressed in the school uniform, I did my hair in a side braid and went downstairs for breakfast.

"You nervous honey?" Dad asked. "You bet I am." "Everything's going to be fine, sweetheart." He said.

That's what he said before mum died.

"You better get going, its 7:10, you're supposed to be there before 7:30!" He said. I sighed and grabbed my bags and headed towards the door.

"Love you!" He said. "You too, daddy."

The school was only a few minutes worth of walking away. Whilst walking, I saw a few people wearing the same exact uniform as me, I'm guessing that they're pupils. When I finally reached the school's property, I was amazed by how well maintained the school is. I mean, some of the schools I've been to were.. Well.. Disgusting and low on maintenance.

"Hello, may I help you?" A girl who stood before before me asked. "Uh, yes please. I'm searching for the administration block." I said, smiling.

"Its right over there." She smiled, pointing to the other side of the campus. "I'm Kate, head prefect." "Eleanor, its nice meeting you. And thanks for the directions." She nodded.


"Good morning. How may I help you?" A lady at the front desk asked. "Morning. Um, I'm new. My name's Eleanor Hastings." "Oh, Miss Hastings. Veruca's daughter eh?" She smiled, and I nodded. "Alrighty, love. Go to the first door on the right. The headmistress is waiting." I simply nodded and did as she command.

Knock knock.

"Come in." A voice said. I opened the door, revealing an old, well, not that old, probably in her late 30's. "Eleanor Hastings?" She asked. "Yes." I said. "Welcome." She smiled. "Sit." She said, pointing at the chair in front of her. I sat before her, and we talked for awhile.

"I believe you are an A Level student and you're taking English, Maths, Chemistry, Music and Film & Photography as an extra?" "Yes, miss." "You are so much like your mother." She smiled.

What is up with these people talking about mum?

"If you don't mind me asking, Miss Kingsley. But did my mother go to this school?" I asked. "Indeed she did. In fact, we were the best of friends." She smiled. "Anyway, its almost 8 and you've got classes to attend to. Just swing by my office if you need anything." She smiled. "I will." I said before walking out of the door.

Alright. First class, maths. Room A35.

After a few minutes of searching, I finally found the classroom. I knocked on the door and an old man answered it. "Um.. I'm Eleanor Hastings, I'm terribly sorry I'm late, I was at the principal's office." "Not a problem, Miss Hastings. I'm Mrs Reed. Please come in."

I walked into the class, with probably 30 people staring. "Class, this is Eleanor Hastings. She's new here. I hope you all treat her well." The students were, nice, I guess. They said Hi's and Hello's which boosted me up a little bit. "You can sit next to Miss Harley." Mrs Reed said.

I saw a girl waving at me, guessing she's "Miss Harley" since there's an empty seat next to her. "I'm Nicole Harley." She smiled. "Its nice to meet you." "You too." I smiled.

"Now class, today we're...."



"Alright, thats all for today. Don't forget to bring your textbook next class." Mrs Reed said. I got off of my seat and walked my way towards the door. "Eleanor! Wait up!" I hear Nicole say. "Whats up?" I asked. "Just wanted to know where you're headed!" She said. "Well.." I said as I took my timetable out. "I have chemistry next." "Great! We're in the same class! Chem's in Lab 1, upstairs." She said.

"Goodmorning, everyone. Today we have a new student joining us. Mind introducing yourself dear?" The teacher, who I believe his name's Mr Cox, said. "Hi. I'm Eleanor Hastings and I was from Brighton." I smiled. Again, everyone said their Hi's and Hello's. "Right. You'll be sitting with.... Ah, Mr Harries at the very back there." Everyone was gasping, but about what? I look to the back and found a gorgeous guy, whom I believe is Mr Harries. I walked towards him and sat next to him. Some of the girls were giving me dirty looks. Uh, jealous much? I mean, he's just a guy. And I could've sworn as I walked passed Nicole, she smirked. I'm so confused.

"Eleanor." I introduced. "I've gathered that. Jack." He said. Uh, rude much! I don't know who he really is but excuse you for being so rude to the new girl.

Classes went by really quickly and now it's lunch time. It turns out that Nicole's taking the same subjects that I am, except Film and Photography. Which is a bummer. She's really nice and fun to hangout with.

"You should sit with us!" Nicole said. "Us?" I asked, confused. "Yeah, us. I do have other friends, Eleanor." She said in a duh tone. "They're right there!" She pointed her index finger towards a group of teens in the corner. I swear I see Jack. Oh crap.

"Hey guys!" Nicole greeted. "Hey!" The brunette said. "Hi Nicks." The blond guy said. "Who's your friend?" The blond guy asked again. "Her name's Eleanor." "Its nice to meet you all." I smiled. "You too, you have such beautiful hair! I'm Poppy." The brunette said. "Ryder." The blond guy said. "Jack, introduce yourself." Said Poppy. "We already met." Jack said bluntly.

"Hey babe." A girl came and kissed Jack's cheek. For some reason, that kind of hurt. It's Kate. "Oh hey, Eleanor!" She smiled. "Oh, you've met already?" Ryder asked. "Yeah, she asked for directions earlier." She smiled. "They've run out of mashed potatoes!" A guy behind her said. What the fuck. He looks exactly like Jack. I swear my face was filled with confusion. "Oh hello there! Surprise surprise, there's the 2 of us. I'm Finn, Jack's twin." He smiled. Well, he sure does look like Jack but does not act like him. "I'm Eleanor. Nice to meet you."

45 minutes passed and its 2 o'clock. Time for Film and Photography. I'm not going to lie, I was quite lost, but in the end I managed to find it. I knocked in the door with "P23: Film and Photography" on it and walked in. "I'm so sorry I'm late, Mr Kent. I got kind of lost." I admitted. "Thats alright. Hastings, is it?" I nodded. "You have your mother's hair." Okay..... Whats that got to do with film and photography? "You can sit next to Mr Harries." Harries? Again? Seriously? I sighed and walked towards Mr Jack Harries and sat next to him, for the second time today. "I didn't know you take Film and Photography?" He said. "Oh well, I do."

"Can everybody take out their cameras? Oh, did you bring yours, Eleanor?" Mr Kent asked. "Yeah, I did." "Let me see it, and did you bring any of your photos or even films? I'd like to see them." "Yeah I did." I said. He came over to my table as I took out my Canon 5D along with my Macbook and flash drive.

He took a few looks at my work and he seemed to really like them. After that, he continued with the class.

Time has passed and now I'm back home. Thank heavens! I walked into my house and saw my dad sitting at the kitchen table scribbling some notes. "What are you doing?" I asked. "Oh nothing. Just jotting down somethings that I have to do when I'm off for business enquires." "You're leaving... Again?" I asked, sadness in my voice. "Don't worry, Eleanor. Its going to be okay, it'll only be a few weeks." "Weeks?!" I asked, shocked. "Sweetheart, you know how important my job is." "Right. Fine." "Now, how's your first day?" He asked. "It was great, I made a few friends too." "I'm proud of you. Oh, tonight we have a dinner party to attend to at my friend's house. You must go, they've been wanting to meet my daughter." "Must I?" I sigh. "Yes, you must." "Fine. Who's party is it?" "The Harries."

You have got to be fucking kidding me.

"Uh, no thanks. I'm not going." "Eleanor, you better go or I'll cut your allowance! Plus, you've made your word." "I did no such thing!" I said. "Eleanor!" He half-yelled. Great, now he's angry. "Fine." I murmured.


I get to see more of Jack Harries' face.

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