The New Girl (On Hold)

Eleanor Hastings moves away from Brighton and away from her past to the wonderful and busy city of London. What happens when she meets Jack Harries? And what happens when her past comes back to her?


6. Housemates

Its the next day after the 'date' with Jack and I'm on my way to school with Nicole. Kate, Poppy and her have grown to be pretty great friends of mine, they're great girls indeed.

Our walk to school was silent, until Nicole, out of the blue asked, "do you like Jack, El?" "I don't even know, Nicky." I lied, I like Jack a lot. "Well, if you do like him, and if he ever asks you out, you must accept him. Its not easy for him to trust someone El. And I can tell by how he acts around you, he likes you." "Actually.... I have something to tell you." Nicole raised her right eyebrow and told me to continue. "Yesterday Jack texted me, asking me to meet up with him at the park. So I did. He told me about Kate, you know.. And then he told me he liked me. And it was kind of a long speech. And then he asked me out, I said yes and we hugged. After that we ate at Nando's and he walked me home and kissed my cheek." I explained. Her eyes lit up and her mouth curved into a huge smile. "You have done it, my dear." "Done what?" She just kept on smiling and ignored my question. I sighed and continued walking with her.

As we got to the school grounds, gossip was spreading all over the school about Jack & Kate's breakup. "Nicole!" A girl popped up in front of us. "Yes Alison?" "Did you know about Jack and Kate's breakup?! Oh my god my OTP broke up!!!" "Yes, Alison. I gathered that." "Okay bye!" The girl said and ran down the hallway. Did that girl just came up to Nicole to say that? Crazy. "She's a JacksGap fan." I nodded, finally knowing the reason why she's.... Crazy?

Today's class starts off with chemistry and yes, I am happy. Nicole and I walked into class together but we separated when Nicole sat next to her lab partner and I sat at the very back, alone. I guess Jack hasn't arrived- oh wait, he just came in. He was smiling as he walked along the path to the bench. Girls were gasping and I heard one say "Was he really happy to breakup with Kate?" I laughed hearing that question. "Goodmorning!" He said. "Morning, Harries. What are you so happy about?" "Last night." He grinned. His answer made me smile, remembering last night's event.

Mr Cox came in, and greeted us with a goodmorning. "Class, today I have got something to do so you all can do whatever you want. You can go out if you'd like. And if teachers ask what's your class, tell them I gave you a free period." This is what I like about Mr Cox, he's a laid back kind of lad. With that, all of us stood up and got out.

"Want to go to study hall?" Jack asked and Nicole and I. I nodded saying yes but Nicole however, shook her head smiling and ran off. Jack and I exchanged weird looks, whats up with her?

Jack and I went to study hall and to my surprise, it was empty. Usually it'd be filled with pupils, even during first periods. Jack and I sat next to each other. He was doing his maths homework, that I've already done. He was struggling so I decided to turn my iPod off and help him.

After he had finished, he said "thank you" and kissed my cheek. Maths class is in 2 hours so we ended up staying in the study hall for, well another 2 hours! "Would you like to come over after school later, El?" "I can't Jack, sorry. My dad has to go out of the country and I promised to send him to the airport." "I get it. So you'll be staying with your mum alone then?" Mum. Oh god I miss her. Should I tell him?

"Uh, El?" "I'm - I'm sorry, I kind of zoned out." "Its okay, Ellie." He chuckled. "Jack I have something to tell you." My voice went cold, and Jack responded "hey, whats wrong Ellie?" "When I was 13, my mum had breast cancer and she.. She didn't make it." I could feel tears brimming down my cheeks. Jack hugged me, he hugged me tight, again, just what I needed. "I'm so sorry. For everything. I shouldn't have treated you... Oh god Ellie I'm such a dickhead." "No, Jack I don't need your pity, or anyone else's in general." I pulled away and smiled at him, and he smiled back. "You're strong, Ellie." He kissed my forehead. "Wait, that means you'll be living alone for?" "3 weeks." "3 weeks??? No Ellie, you're staying with me!" "No, Jack. I'm not going to intrude." I laughed. "Well then, I'll just have to stay at yours then." "Good luck convincing my dad." I said, sarcastically. "Thank you." He said, smiling as he took out his mobile phone, texting someone. Soon enough he was dialling someone's digits. Who could it be?

"Hello Mr Hastings." Oh shit. "Its Jack, sir. Well the reason I'm calling is that I want to ask your daughter to be my girlfriend, with your permission of course." I smiled hearing what he said. "Wonderful! Oh and sir, I know you'll be traveling for 3 weeks and I wonder if I could stay with Eleanor. I don't want- great! Thank you sir! Alright bye now!" With that, he hung up and smiled.

"Eleanor Alexandra Hastings, will you be my girlfriend?" "Yes, Harries, I will." I didn't even have to think! "In one contidion, we keep our relationship private, because-" I got cut off by him saying "I understand baby." He smiled. He leaned in closer and before you know it, his lips met mine. It wasn't a long one, but a meaningful one.

We pull apart and he said "I guess we'll be housemates for 3 weeks." I smiled.


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