The New Girl (On Hold)

Eleanor Hastings moves away from Brighton and away from her past to the wonderful and busy city of London. What happens when she meets Jack Harries? And what happens when her past comes back to her?


9. Eleanor?

*a week later*

'Babe, I'm about to do a YouNow, you wanna join?' Jack asked. 'Sure, why not' I smile as I walk towards his desk dragging a chair behind me to where he's seated.

He clicked a few buttons and before I knew it we were live. 'Hey everyone! Its Jack and this is Eleanor!' He introduced 'Hi!' I smiled. 'Finny's not here right now cause he needed to go out but hi there! Oh and you guys know the housekeeping rules! If you see a big blue button, you have to sign into your Facebook and comment down the country you're from and what time it is!' Said Jack. Wow, he's hyper. I read the comments, most were the country and date, some were telling me how beautiful I was and some insulted me like 'Ew who's her?' And 'Why are you with Jack ugh back off!' I ignored the "hates" and just responded to the nice ones. 'Okay guys, what should we- oh I know! I can rummage through El's purse!' Said Jack. 'I did not sign up for this.' I sighed. 'Well, I'm going to do it anyway!' He grinned as he walked towards his bed grabbing my purse. 'So this is Eleanor's bag, I believe it is Alexander McQueen? It has a skull charm on it.' He said, I just laughed because he knew that it's Alexander McQueen. 'We have her wallet, lets see, she has a £20 and a £50..' 'Seriously Jack?' I laughed. 'You guys want to see her ID picture?' He chuckled. 'You wouldn't' I glared. 'What? Its beautiful!' He said, I just rolled my eyes to the comments. A lot of 'aws' and 'feEls'. Jack kept rummaging through my bag until he was finished. I glanced back at the comments and saw 'Guys, she has a JH necklace. OMG!!! Jeleanor!' And then the whole comments section was filled with 'Jeleanor's. 'How do you guys even come up with those names?' Jack laughed. 'JH could mean anything, you know?' I laughed.

We kept interacting with the viewers until an hour passed and then its time to go offline.

Now I was lying in Jack's bed with Jack himself who was braiding my hair. 'Jack?' Finn yelled. 'Yeah mate?' He shouted back. 'We have a guest, dad's friend. This is Zander.' He said as I heard footsteps entering.

Wait. Zander?

I looked up to see Finn and the one and only Zander. My Zander, well, ex I guess.

Jack stood up and shook his hand 'Jack' he smiled. 'This is my girlfriend-' he got cut off by Zander saying 'Eleanor?' He said, with guilt in his voice. 'Hello, Zander.' I said bluntly. 'You 2 know each other?' Finn asked in confusion. I looked at Jack and he's got that "whats going on" face. 'Eleanor and I used to be together.' Zander said. 'Yeah, used, past tense.' I said. 'Shit I'm so sorry El.' Said Finn. 'Its fine, he means nothing to me. Jack, walk me home.' He nodded, quockly following me out the door.

Zander's POV:

'David! Come in, this must be Zander?' Said the man who I believe is Andy Harries at his door. 'Great to see you again, Andy. Thank you' dad said as he followed Andy in. 'This is my son, Finn.' Said Andy. 'Nice to meet you, Mr Cole, Zander.' He smiled. 'Why don't you introduce him to Jack and El upstairs, Finny' said Andy. Finn nodded and brought me upstairs.

'Jack!' He yelled. 'Yeah mate?' Said a voice who I believe belongs to Jack. 'We have a guest, dad's friend. This is Zander.' Finn said as we entered a room. I saw a figure that looked so much like Finn stood up and coming towards me and shook my hand. 'Jack' he smiled. I saw another figure stood up, and I couldn't believe who I saw.. 'This is my girlfriend-'

'Eleanor?' 'Hello Zander.' She said bluntly. 'You 2 know each other?' Asked Finn. 'Eleanor and I used to be together.' I said. 'Yeah, used, past tense.' El said. 'Shit I'm so sorry El.' Said Finn. 'Its fine, he means nothing to me. Jack, walk me home.' He nodded, quockly following El out the door.


Jack's POV:

The walk was silent until we reached her house. 'What was going on back there?' I asked. Tears came out her eyes, shit. 'Oh no Ellie I shouldn't-' 'its okay Jack. Well Zander and I were boyfriend and girlfriend until I found out he cheated on me multiple times.' She laughed. 'Jack I'm scared.' She said, with sadness in her voice. 'Eleanor, I'll never do that to you, please believe me.' She smiled and said 'I believe you'. I kissed her lips and she said 'See you tomorrow' and walked into her house.

I promise to myself that I'll never hurt her. She's too fragile and I love her.. So much. And if I do, well, I'd never be able to forgive myself.

I love her.


This chapter's kinda weird since I put Zander and Jack's POV. Fan, Fav & Like ❤️

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